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Pet Urns – Keeping Your Pets Close After They Are Gone

Pet urns are exemplary ways of cherishing a lost pet’s memory. Your pets have shown loyalty and unconditional love while they were alive. It is only appropriate that you return that unconditional love by placing their remains in a respectable pet urn.

When you start looking for an urn or memorial for your pet, you may surprised to see your choices. There are so many options to memorialize your pet and it is good to have an idea of what you are looking for before you start.

Choosing Pet Urns to Remember

One important consideration that you must think about when you choose a pet urn is how the design of the urn will help you remember your pet. Just like people, pets have their own distinct personalities. And there are several personalization options to help your pet urn better represent your pet’s personality. Your dog may have been the frisky type that spent most of his time running out of doors. Your cat may be the sedate and snobbish type who would love nothing more than sit on your lap. Try to consider how your pet was and what best represents them. This will help in your grieving because you have found a suitable resting place for your pet.

You can choose pet urns that will embody those personalities that made your pets unique. There are so many urns for ashes that you can choose from and you will not have any trouble finding the one that is most suitable for your pet. If you do not wish to have a ready-made urn, you can commission an artist to create a customized design for the urn.

Choosing Pet Urns According to Material

Before you buy an urn, you should always consider where you will be placing it in the end. Some materials for pet urns are more appropriate indoors while some are better suited outdoors.

If you are going to display the urn inside your house, you may want to pick something that will blend with the décor of your house. If you are going to have the final resting place of your pet in a place of honor in your garden, you will need urns for ashes that are made from durable materials, such as ceramic, granite or marble. These materials will not perish under the elements. For example, there are garden pet markers that allow for your pet’s memorial to be half buried in the ground, with the top half showing a memorial stone.

Your pets loved you unconditionally while they were still alive. The best way to return that love that you received from them is to store their ashes in carefully selected pet urns.

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Show Love To Your Favorite Pet With Suitable Pet Urns

It is not at all easy saying your family member that your favorite pet has passed away. Yes, if you wake up in the morning and see that your lovely tortoise is dead, then it becomes your task letting rest of your family know about this grief. But, it is our responsibility to deal with every pain or loss in a right away. And, you should learn to bear this pain of losing your beloved pet. You should never forget that your pet loves you unconditionally and you need to show your respect and love to them while they are no more. You keep your photographs or any keepsake to remember any of your family members, and you can do the same by choosing different pet urns for your pets too. When you cremate your pet, you can keep their ashes in an urn to hold the memory forever and show your appreciation to them.

Each pet is found to be unique in their own way. Also, they have their specific nuances, characteristics and personality. If you’re choosing memorial pet cremation urns suiting their personality or habit, then it will definitely be special honor for them. These days, you would be able to avail wide array of urns for your lovely pets online. And, you can choose one of them as per your requirement or suiting pet’s characteristic.

Depending upon the type of pet, you can always go for pet urns, which might come with the option of figurine, where figure of the pet would be presented on the top of the urn box. These urns might be available with the particular breed of your pet. When your pet was playful in nature and they were kept outdoors, then remembering them with the help of rock urn, which can be kept outside in your lawn, would be the best choice.

While personalizing pet cremation urns, you will have the choice to add photograph of your pet along with its name engraved on the urn. Online market is flooded with different types of photo urns, which come in variety of shapes and sizes. They are generally made of solid hardwood and they are usually available with the option of different types of boxes, dog house and photo frame. Popular urns for your beloved pets may involve several signature urns available with paw prints. And, they are made of marble in various types of shapes and sizes.

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How Pet Ash Urns Memorialize the Life of Your Pet

When a family loses a pet, it can be as devastating as if a family member died. Pet ash urns can help bring closure to the loss and help both the children and adults in the family deal with the loss. Though nothing will ever replace your pet and you will always miss him, you can memorialize your pet and keep his ashes in your home.

Pet urns continue to gain popularity. Though pets have always been an important part of a family, people increasingly treat their pets like humans when they are alive. Pets are given their own beds, their own food dishes and their own bowls. This creates a deep bond of companionship between pet and owner, but it also makes the loss of the animal far more difficult to deal with. Many families have found that having a pet ash urn and keeping your pet with you even after their death helps ease the loss. Their memory continues to be an important part of your family history after they are gone.

More families are adopting pets, too. Many families are choosing more than one pet and when those pets pass, it is necessary to have more accommodating vessels. More pet ash urns are being constructed and sold because the world has more pets than it used to.

In most cases, owners outlive their pets. When you adopt a pet, you do so knowing you will need to prepare for his death. Though pet death is sometimes early and unexpected, most pet owners known the time will eventually come when the planning state needs to move to the doing-stage.

Planning for a pet death saves you money and helps make the process easier. If you and your children understand your pet is getting older and time is precious, it can make the transition easier. A pet ash urn needs to be part of your plans. When speaking to your vet about plans for the end of your pet’s life, be sure to ask about how the arrangements will be handled. If you have chosen an urn for your pet already, you vet is likely to work with you to accommodate the vessel you have chosen.

It is also important to prepare emotionally for the end of your pet’s life. This is one of the toughest phases your family will endure. It is important children understand that what is happening is natural. They should also know that if their pet is ill or in pain, their death will come as a relief. There is no reason why an animal should endure pain or suffering, especially in the final days of its life.

When the time comes to part with your pet, pet ash urns can help you and your family feel at peace. Though you will never forget your pet, you will need to adjust to life after they are gone. A pet urn can help you keep your pet’s memory alive, while still moving on in a healthy manner. Your pet’s remains will be with your family forever and the urn makes a lovely display when paired with a photo of your beloved pet and perhaps his collar or food bowl.


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Healing From Your Loss with Memorial Pet Urns

Animal lovers know the overwhelming grief of losing a beloved pet to the cycle of life, be it from diseases, accidents or natural causes. In fact, there is little to no difference between losing a beloved human being and a cherished pet because love is love no matter its subject. And if you are grieving for a beloved pet now, we suggest looking through memorial pet urns to start your healing process from grief.

Grief Process

Before we can understand how even a simple pet urn can help us heal from the loss of our beloved pets, we must first know the stages of grief. In this way, you will know what to expect and possibly how to deal with the emotions at every stage so as to facilitate acceptance.

These stages do not necessarily happen in an orderly fashion. Yes, you are allowed to grieve in your own way just as you have the freedom to choose the best one among a wide range of memorial pet urns for your pet.

The denial stage is where numbed and shocked disbelief alternate to shelter the individual from the loss.

The anger stage is probably the most difficult in the grieving process. The pain is unbelievable, which is coupled by feelings of guilt, frustration and anger.

The bargaining stage happens when you start to bargain with the powers-that-be for something to ease your pain.

The depression stage is characterized by extreme sadness, despair and isolation.

The acceptance stage is when you can finally deal with the reality and accept the cycle of life.

At any point in time, you may want to look at the possible choices of memorial pet urns. It will be a difficult decision because the fact that you are choosing a pet urn can only reinforce the reality that, indeed, your beloved pet is gone.

Ways Memorials Help in Acceptance

But a memorial urn for your pet helps in so many ways. It may not make the sadness, anger and pain go away but a memorial urn is a must if and when you want to lessen these feelings associated with grief over the loss of a beloved pet.

Here are the ways that it can help in acceptance:

Rituals for saying goodbye to the ones we love that have passed on beyond the temporal world are not so much for the deceased but for the living. These rituals help us express our feelings of grief, process our emotions into something we can understand and, most of all, extend our goodbyes. Memorial pet urns are part of these rituals especially when we place the urn in an honored place in the home or in the yard.  Objects associated with the deceased pet give us comfort in knowing that it is just near, if not in body at least in spirit. A pet urn where your dog’s ashes are kept and where a picture is embossed on top is one such object helpful toward acceptance of your loss. You can talk to your pet, if you like.

Most importantly, memorial pet urns help keep the memories of your beloved pets alive in your heart and mind. Your grief then transforms into acceptance, hope and love for all the good times shared with your cherished pet.


With PawsNotForgotten.com’s one-stop shopping, superior quality memorial pet urns at incredible prices, you are sure to find exactly the right pet urn you are looking for to help celebrate your pets life.

Find Pet Cremation Urns to remember your pet forever

When we lose someone, then to overcome this mournful experience, we take certain measures. Among other approaches, holding any keepsake to remember someone is found to be quite a ritual for the past many years. When it is not possible to bring back the deceased in our life anymore, then at least any kind of keepsake might help giving comfort and solace to us. In the market, we can see the presence of different types of cremation urns jewelry.  This kind of keepsake jewelry always reminds us the presence of the deceased one.

When it is the matter of our pet, then we might become overemotional about choosing Pet Cremation Urns from the market. This kind of jewelry is made to fill a small compartment with the cremated ashes of the dead pet. This kind of physical reminder of the special one always stays close to our heart all the time.

Today’s market is filled with different types of keepsake jewelry for the cremated pet. These jewelries are found in both classic and contemporary designs. These jewelries are produced from the highest quality materials in order to guarantee a durable and unique treasure. And, this type of item is very much present in the market to make memory of the deceased friend or family member much stronger. Many elegant designs for these jewelries are present in the market in a variety of precious and semiprecious gemstones. Presence of gold, silver, pewter or bronze etc. can be seen as the material for these items.

Pet Cremation Urns are found in variety of designs and colors. Most popular designs are hearts, nature scenes etc. Pets are no less than family members, while they are present in our life for many years.  Grief over the loss of a pet can be as heartbreaking as losing any friend or family member. Pets become one of the most important parts of our life. So, to remember the attachment with the pet, this kind of cremation jewelry is very much important. Various nature series jewelries are present in the market, which can be chosen for their symbolic significance. Thus, we can say that cremation urn jewelry is much on demand as the tribute to the deceased pet. Ash memorial jewelry can be found online. And, they can be purchased with a better deal from various online shops. Many discounted price can also be seen from the online stores and we can get better deal from these sources.

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Pet Urns for Ashes Are a Unique Way of Remembering Your Pet

Pet urns for ashes are considered to be a unique way of remembering your pet. Many individuals consider their pets to be members of their family. When a pet dies, it has the potential to affect different individuals in different ways. Despite the fact that pets are animals, they are still loved and cherished by the family that rose and cared for them. Many products have been released through the years that allow an individual to remember their pet. Examples include products that allow a person to preserve a paw print, pet cremation jewelry, and even products that incorporate a picture into them of their lost pet. If you would like a more creative approach to remembering your pet, you should consider purchasing pet urns for ashes obtained from your pet during the cremation process.

If you are interested in purchasing an urn for the remains of your beloved pet, it is important to understand that you may have these products personalized. There are many different levels of personalization that you may indulge in. For example, you may have the animal’s name and birthday engraved into the urn. If you like, you may even add the date that the pet was born, as well as the date that the pet died. If you are able to get a hold of a decent artist, you may have a picture of your pet etched into the urn that you purchase. You may also add words that reflect special memories that you have of your pet. If you purchase pet urns for ashes, it is important to consider adding some degree of personalization to the product so that you are able to remember your pet in the fondest way possible.

The next consideration that should be made if you are purchasing an urn for the purpose and intent of remembering your pet is to make certain that you are selective about the style of urn that you choose. There are several individual styles available on the market today. You may choose from urns that reflect the breed of animal that you owned, traditional styled urns, as well as those that have paw prints on them. The choice is entirely yours. However, it is important to go for a product that reflects the actual appearance or some other distinguishing characteristic about your animal. This way, it assists in keeping the memories of the pet alive in your mind and your heart.

If you are purchasing pet urns for ashes, it is important to understand that these products are created from several different types of materials. You may purchase those that are created from marble, stone, pewter, ceramic glass, wood, and various types of metal. It is important to choose an urn that displays the tone, color, and finish that you find to be most attractive. Remembering your pet is special. It is essential to ensure that when you purchase pet urns for ashes that you select the type of product that will best help keep the memories of the animal that you loved and cherished so long alive.

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Urns For Cremation

When people decide upon what to do with their dead, they have a variety of choices. Of the most popular choices is a process called cremation. Cremation entails turning the body of the loved one into ashes. People chose to cremate their dead for a variety of reasons. Some people use cremation as a cost efficient way of handling their dead. In many cases, a person will demand that their body is cremated before they die. And, some people belong to a religious faith that demands that their body is cremated. No matter why a family or other loved ones chose to cremate someone, they usually choose to hold on to what is known as the cremains. The cremains are held in vessels known as urns. There are a variety of urns for cremation available for purchase.

When loved ones are selecting urns for cremation, they will choose cremation urns based upon what they plan on doing with the cremains. For example, some people choose to keep in the cremains in their home. They will display their cremation urns on a fireplace mantle, on a dresser top, or on somewhere else prominent, so that they will always have the cremains of their loved one close by. Or, some people choose to scatter the cremains in specific locations. In many cases, a person will designate places that they would like to have their cremains scattered, before they die. Along these lines, some people want to be set adrift at sea or in the air. There are actually urns for cremation that will allow the dead’s cremains to be set adrift in water or to float off in the air. There are also urns for cremation that can be buried in the ground, so that the loved ones of the dead can hold a funeral that includes a burial.

Urns for cremation can be made out of several types of material. There are the metal urns as well as marble urns. These are the most popular cremation urns that are used to hold cremains in one’s home. These are the most durable and are designed to preserve the integrity of the cremains. Then again, there are also paper urns for cremation. These are used for cremains that are released in the air, such as in an air balloons or set out to sea. They are bio-degradable, so they will eventually break down. They are safe for the environment and they provide a beautiful and poetic way to say goodbye to a loved one.

There are also paper urns or cremation that can be used for burial ceremonies. They are bio-degradable, so they will simply become part of the earth over time. Wooden urns for cremation are useful for a burial ceremony as well. There are also other specialty types of cremation urns that are a bit unusual, but still serve the purpose of holding a loved one’s cremains. There are urns for cremation that can be worn as jewelry. These are made out of metal, or out of glass. They are shaped like charms and are usually worn around the neck. They are quite small and they can only hold a very small portion of cremains. However, it is completely safe to wear the cremains in this way and it allows a loved one to keep their dead close to them.

Not only can humans be housed in urns for cremation, but many people use these urns for house the cremains of their pets. Pets for many people are just as loved, and as important. When a dear pet dies, many people mourn the pet just as much as they would a human. So, there are pet owner who choose to keep the memory of their pet alive with cremation urns. These cremains can be held in a wide variety of urns shaped like picture frames, balls, bones, or other object that are perfect for pet cremains.

At this tough time in your life, we feel it is easier to choose one of our urns for cremation in the privacy of your home.

Pet Cremation Urns and Memorials Can Help Pet Owners Find Closure

Pet urns and memorials are growing in popularity. The reason for this is very simple. There are a huge number of families around the world that have pets. Pet owners start viewing pets as family members after they have lived with them for many years. A dog can live with you for about 16 years or more whereas a cat can be with you for up to twenty to twenty-five years.

The death of a beloved pet creates the same impact on the pet owner as the death of a family member. They grieve just like they grieve for a loss of a close friend or loved one. There are a number of pet owners who want to cremate their pets or select unique pet urns since it brings for them a sense of closure.

Veterinarians understand how painful the loss of a pet has become for the owners and thus provide their clients with cremation services. The cost of cremation can be fairly expensive. It depends on how much your pet weighs and also where you live. This service is provided by your vet. Your vet will contact the cremation company who will collect your pet from the vet’s office, cremate it and place it in the urn you chose. They bring it back at the vet’s office and you can collect it.

Wood pet urns are most commonly used but there are a variety of other options too. You don’t have to buy the pet urn from the veterinarian. You will most likely be able to find cheaper urns on the Internet and you can choose from a huge variety of specific dog and cat urns.

Sometimes a lot of pet owners know that their pets are suffering from a terminal illness and will not be able to survive for long. Such owners should purchase the cremation urns well in advance otherwise they will have to go in for the vet’s service and compromise with a standard cedar wood urn.

There are various things that you can do with an urn. You can either bury the urn or keep them with you or spread the pet’s ashes in a distinct place. This is totally up to you. However you choose to honor and remember your pet should be done in a manner that serves to help the grieving and healing process.


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Types of Pet Urns for Ashes

Losing a pet can be a very painful experience especially if they have become an important part of your life.  One way of honoring your pet in a symbolic manner is by providing him with a nice resting place, such as a pet urn for ashes.  In the past, pet urns for ashes were only available in one design. The traditional design comes in a vase shape or sometimes rectangle or square.  Today, pet urns are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles.  Read on to know the different types.

Pet Figurine Urns

A pet figurine urn is a relatively new style of pet urn for ashes.  A small dog or cat figurine is attached to the upper portion of this popular wooden rectangular urn.  There are models that are designed from resin or composite materials and resemble a dog or cat. Just like other urns, a pet figurine urn makes a good home decor.

Wooden Pet Urns

Wooden pet urns come in rich natural textures and tones, giving out that natural warmth.  These beautiful pet urns for ashes are made from natural solid woods and come in different finishes and shapes.  You can choose to have it laser engraved with your pet’s name, image of your pet or anything that your heart desires. You can also choose from the different types of wood, such as cedar, pine, oak, walnut and mahogany, among many others. Aside from that, you can add wood finishes to make it more adorable, such as paint, drying oils, wax, shellac, varnish, lacquer and many more.

Pet Photo Urns

Pet photo urns are among the favorite of many pet owners.  These urns are designed to hold your beloved pet’s photograph.  You can turn it into a very memorable memorial for your pet by choosing your favorite photo of your pet.  Pet photo urns are available in different types of materials, such as metal, marble and wood.

Natural Stone Pet Urns

Materials that can be used to create natural stone pet urns are granite, onyx and marble.  Just like the other types of pet urns for ashes, these are available in a variety of shapes, such as rectangular, geometric and vase shaped.  Special adhesives are used in assembling the fabricated pieces of the geometric and rectangular shaped natural stone urns.  On the other hand, the curvaceous profile of vase shaped urns is formed by turning a block of the stone on a lathe.

Metal Pet Urns

Metal urns are known for their durability and vast array of designs available.  These urns can be fashioned from bronze, copper, brass or pewter.  You can also choose to engrave the name of your pet on to the metal, depending on the surface.

Indeed, there are a lot of pet urns for ashes to choose from.  The final choice depends on you.  What is important is to give your beloved pet a nice place to rest and to keep the memories alive for as long as you can.  With pet urns, all of these can be made possible.


With PawsNotForgotten.com’s one-stop shopping, superior quality pet urns for ashes at incredible prices, you are sure to find exactly the right pet urn you are looking for to help celebrate your pets life.

Turn to pet urns to help you remember

The pain associated with the loss of a family pet can be extremely painful and hard.  Often we grow fond of our pets and they truly become part of the family making their loss that much harder to deal with.  A way to help hold on to the memories of our beloved pet is to have them cremated instead of burying them.  Then the ashes can be kept in a cremation urn that the family can keep in the house.  Pet urns come in many different styles, sizes, and designs giving your pet a special final resting place. The pet urn will then be displayed somewhere you can see it daily to remind you of the good times you had.

Just like other cremation urns pet urns are available in a wide range of materials.  These materials include ceramic, metal, wood, and glass.  As you ponder which type is best for your pets final resting place be thinking about where you will place it within your home.  If you plan on putting it in a high traffic area I would recommend not going with breakable urns made out of ceramic or glass.  If you want to use a glass or ceramic pet urn consider placing it well out of normal reach to help insure its safety.

Ceramic pet urns are the most common type of urn people choose because they are very versatile and relatively cheap.  The great thing about ceramic pet urns is they are easily molded into just about anything making them customizable.  These urns can be finished with a glaze or painted depending on preference.  Resin is a form of plastic, and this makes them easy to mold into different shapes also. They are also relatively cheap and you can have one custom made to define your pet. The wooden pet urns not only hold the ashes, but there is also a place to hold the picture of your pet as well. Many people love the idea of being able to look at pictures of their dead pets and even “talking” to them as part of the grieving process. Whichever material you choose to have for your pet urn, you can have them styled in a way to reflect the personality of your dead pet so that his/her memory lives on stronger

The final resting place of your beloved pet is important and shouldn’t be done lightly.  Make sure you do the proper research and study to ensure you get what you want for your beloved pet.