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Support Your Loved One During Their Grief

When we learn that our friends or families have lost someone close to them, sometimes we don’t know how to console them. During those times when you don’t have the words to say, your actions can speak volumes. Being supportive of them not only means listening when they want to talk about their feelings, but also finding ways to help them get on with their lives.

Encourage your loved one to keep a journal of their feelings. Writing helps a number of people release emotional stress that they can’t seem to express any other way. The journal doesn’t have to be written in any particular fashion, it just has to be an honest account of their emotions and feelings at the time. If they are hesitant about trying this, offer to keep a journal with them. This way, it will feel as if you are sharing the journey.

A lot of people don’t see it this way, but losing someone can be a new beginning. If your friend or family member can’t seem to function without their lost one, try to get them to do something different for themselves that they’ve never done before. This could be something as simple as trying a new hairstyle, or preparing a new dish. The idea is to get them to engage in something that they’re lost one did not have the opportunity to see. This will give them the feeling that they can move on with life, and that there are other exciting things to look forward to.

Another way to support your family or friends during their loss is to compliment them on the things that they have accomplished on their own. Remind them that they are their own individuals, and that their lost ones accentuated their qualities, but did not create them. By doing this, you will see them begin to regain confidence in their own abilities.

The most important thing you can do is listen. Listen to your loved one when they tell you how much they are hurting or why they feel that way. This is a very important step in the healing process. Having someone to talk to and someone that understands their pain will help your loved one heal. Give them the opportunity to express themselves whenever possible.

Grief can be overwhelming, but with the support of friends and family, healing is only a matter of time.

Renee Wood founded The Comfort Company in 2000. She is a social worker that has helped families deal with the loss or pending loss of a child, as well as aiding patients in the end-stage of renal failure. The gifts provided by The Comfort Company offer sympathy messages as well as hope for healing hearts.

Helping Remaining Pets Deal With the Loss of Their Companion

Pet loss is often much more devastating and painful than we anticipate. After all, pets see are our loyal companions, loving us unconditionally no matter what. We mourn the loss of dear furry friends and do all we can to work through our grief.

However, what of the remaining pets who are also sensing the loss and reacting because of it? Many people never stop to consider that their existing animals are probably going through a grief process all their own. Animals form bonds just as humans do and when one member of the family passes away, the other pets feel the loss as well. We once created a pet headstone for a cat owner. Her remaining cat was the son of her cat that had passed, and she sent us a photo of him lying next to the pet grave marker in her yard, just gazing at it. She said that he seemed to just know what the marker was and that for a couple of weeks he would go lie next to it and just gaze at it as if he knew that it represented his mother. Perhaps her spirit was there. Our animal companions are very intuitive.

Many pet owners are at a loss for how to deal with these situations. After all, it is not as if you can explain pet loss to another animal. Therefore, similar to how pet loss works with children, it is important to provide existing animals with extra love and support during this difficult time. It is important to provide them with comfort and extra attention as they process through their own sense of loss.

Existing pets may react in several different ways, depending on the type of animal that was lost, if there was an illness beforehand, and the relationship between the pets in the home. For example, though many people are not aware of it, cats will feel the loss of a dog and vice versa. However, a cat is not likely to react as dramatically over the loss of a dog as it would over the loss of another cat. Pets can react by changing eat patterns (eating more or much, much less for a period of time); walking around the home making unusual sounds or noises (many experts think this is a call of some sort to the missing animal); acting out with poor behavior not characteristic of your pet, bringing the toys of the lost pet to you (as if to say “where are they?”) as well as a host of other odd behaviors.

It is important not to berate them during this time; recognize that they are in trauma just as you are. You must be extra patient and work with them to get both of you through this terrible ordeal. Remember that the pet loss is affecting them as well as you; the difference is, they can’t tell you how they feel about it and they can’t participate in a pet memorial service to help to assuage the grief. They react on instinct and some of their behaviors in reaction to the loss will reflect this.

Shower them with extra attention. Put in extra time playing with your pet and reassuring them of their place in your life. Put away toys, dishes and other items that belonged to the lost pet in order to avoid confusion over the whereabouts of the other pet. Remember that the same way in which you are grieving, your pet is as well. It is your duty and responsibility to help them through this terrible time and do all you can to ensure the most minimal disruption in their lives as they grieve the loss of a pet.

Colleen Mihelich

Pets Feel the Loss of Their Friends

These are all signs that your pet is silently grieving the loss of the other friend. The pet may not even be sure if the other pet has died and maybe hoping that the other pet will return.

You as a pet owner can only wait for time to heal for the grieving pet as well as yourself.

Pets like us feel the loss and some only takes a few weeks while others could take months to forget the loss of their friends. Sometimes giving the extra support, attention and care to that grieving pet will let them know you are their for them. You should spend more time with the grieving pet, engaging them in extra activities they normally live to do, invite other people over who have pets as well. This will help take their mind off the lost pet and give them company of another animal even if only for a short visit. If in time you as well as your grieving pet feel you are ready for another pet to keep you and your pet from getting lonely then by all means get another pet. Time will help heal and the pet memories of that lost pet will always be with them and you.

Pet loss is natural both for humans and pets whether a dog ,cat, rabbit any animal who was close to another and formed a bound with that animal or  pet will feel that lost closeness. It is only a normal reaction to love for another animal. Pet memories for that pet will always be their with the pet because of that closeness, the love and the care that was displayed.

Pets can be helped to help deal with this loss and so can people by keeping the memories of the good times alive with photos, pet keepsakes and items that were special. The loss of a pet can be dealt with when it comes to cremation pet urns with photos, beauty of representing that pet with the urn that corresponds to the personality of the pet or a keepsake urn that can be worn close to the heart in the memory of that pet

A pet urn will help to honour the pet and deal with pet loss as keeping that pet safe.

Pet loss for our pets and ourselves is a normal feeling which shows we love and care about our pets.

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