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Top Five Products to Remember Your Pet

Pet owners now have more options than ever before to find products that will help them to overcome the loss of their pet. Here are the top five products to best help you remember your pet and help you through a terrible pet loss ordeal:

* Scrapbook: A scrapbook of your pet is another great way to remember what they meant to your life. Include pictures of you and your pet throughout the years as well as small keepsakes, such as a favorite collar. Small items can be pressed onto the pages of the scrapbook to add an extra element of pizazz. You can include all kinds of animal themed adornments, many of which can be found at your local big box retailer or scrapbooking store.

* Pet Grave Marker: A grave marker is a wonderful way to make the spot where your beloved pet has been laid to rest. You can have the marker engraved with the name of your pet and even a symbol, like a bone for your dog or paw print for your cat. Black granite markers allow you to have your favorite photograph of your pet engraved onto the stone. A pet grave marker can be placed in a pet cemetery or in your backyard, so that each time you visit the place your pet is buried, you have an exact location with which to pay your respects.

* Custom Pet Artwork: Have a rendering or painting done of your pet to hang in your home. An art element will not only enhance the interior space in your home, but also help to provide a happy and beautiful reminder of your pet. Commission a local artist to do the painting or go online and find a reputable company that can take a photo of your pet and create a likeness through a variety of mediums, from watercolor to sculpture.

* Pet Urns: If you decide to have your pet cremated, you can display the remains in a beautiful, colored urn. You can display the pet urn just about anywhere in your home, from a bedroom to the living room. What’s more is that a pet urn can be found in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and more, all designed to house the remains of your precious pet.

* Pet Keepsake Jewelry: There are several pet memorial or pet keepsake jewelry options available. From engraved charms done in the likeness of your pet to pet cremains jewelry, there are a wide variety of ways to memorialize the life of your pet through jewelry. Some people want to keep a portion of their pet’s ashes close to their heart. There are glass artists that are able to incorporate a small amount of your pets ashes into the glass that they blow so that no one knows that they’re there but you. The create beautiful beads, bracelets and ornaments that can be displayed or worn. Wearing a piece of your pet close to your heart ensures that they will remain there forever.

These products are all designed to help you maintain the memory of your pet and continue to surround yourself with the joy your pet brought to you over the years.

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Find Pet Cremation Urns to remember your pet forever

When we lose someone, then to overcome this mournful experience, we take certain measures. Among other approaches, holding any keepsake to remember someone is found to be quite a ritual for the past many years. When it is not possible to bring back the deceased in our life anymore, then at least any kind of keepsake might help giving comfort and solace to us. In the market, we can see the presence of different types of cremation urns jewelry.  This kind of keepsake jewelry always reminds us the presence of the deceased one.

When it is the matter of our pet, then we might become overemotional about choosing Pet Cremation Urns from the market. This kind of jewelry is made to fill a small compartment with the cremated ashes of the dead pet. This kind of physical reminder of the special one always stays close to our heart all the time.

Today’s market is filled with different types of keepsake jewelry for the cremated pet. These jewelries are found in both classic and contemporary designs. These jewelries are produced from the highest quality materials in order to guarantee a durable and unique treasure. And, this type of item is very much present in the market to make memory of the deceased friend or family member much stronger. Many elegant designs for these jewelries are present in the market in a variety of precious and semiprecious gemstones. Presence of gold, silver, pewter or bronze etc. can be seen as the material for these items.

Pet Cremation Urns are found in variety of designs and colors. Most popular designs are hearts, nature scenes etc. Pets are no less than family members, while they are present in our life for many years.  Grief over the loss of a pet can be as heartbreaking as losing any friend or family member. Pets become one of the most important parts of our life. So, to remember the attachment with the pet, this kind of cremation jewelry is very much important. Various nature series jewelries are present in the market, which can be chosen for their symbolic significance. Thus, we can say that cremation urn jewelry is much on demand as the tribute to the deceased pet. Ash memorial jewelry can be found online. And, they can be purchased with a better deal from various online shops. Many discounted price can also be seen from the online stores and we can get better deal from these sources.

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Turn to pet urns to help you remember

The pain associated with the loss of a family pet can be extremely painful and hard.  Often we grow fond of our pets and they truly become part of the family making their loss that much harder to deal with.  A way to help hold on to the memories of our beloved pet is to have them cremated instead of burying them.  Then the ashes can be kept in a cremation urn that the family can keep in the house.  Pet urns come in many different styles, sizes, and designs giving your pet a special final resting place. The pet urn will then be displayed somewhere you can see it daily to remind you of the good times you had.

Just like other cremation urns pet urns are available in a wide range of materials.  These materials include ceramic, metal, wood, and glass.  As you ponder which type is best for your pets final resting place be thinking about where you will place it within your home.  If you plan on putting it in a high traffic area I would recommend not going with breakable urns made out of ceramic or glass.  If you want to use a glass or ceramic pet urn consider placing it well out of normal reach to help insure its safety.

Ceramic pet urns are the most common type of urn people choose because they are very versatile and relatively cheap.  The great thing about ceramic pet urns is they are easily molded into just about anything making them customizable.  These urns can be finished with a glaze or painted depending on preference.  Resin is a form of plastic, and this makes them easy to mold into different shapes also. They are also relatively cheap and you can have one custom made to define your pet. The wooden pet urns not only hold the ashes, but there is also a place to hold the picture of your pet as well. Many people love the idea of being able to look at pictures of their dead pets and even “talking” to them as part of the grieving process. Whichever material you choose to have for your pet urn, you can have them styled in a way to reflect the personality of your dead pet so that his/her memory lives on stronger

The final resting place of your beloved pet is important and shouldn’t be done lightly.  Make sure you do the proper research and study to ensure you get what you want for your beloved pet.

How To Remember Your Pet’s Death Forever!

There are many different ways to remember your pet’s death, however it is up to the pet owner as to which method would be best to implement. Each situation and loss is unique, so every individual must be deal with the loss of a pet in an entirely different manner. From cremation urns to poetry, the loss of a pet can be shared with as few or as many individuals as desired. The different ways to remember your pet are as follows;


Urns consist of different materials like marble, glass, metal, ceramic, bronze, or wood. They can be personalized with a photo or plaque which better symbolizes the personality and memories of your pet. Just seeing your little pet’s name or picture will bring back an array of different memories and help with your grieving. There is a variety of pet cremation urns available online.

Posting pet on the “net”

There are many organizations you can join to post your pet’s name on their site. This will help you share in the grief of your loved one.

Writing poetry

Poetry is a good way to help cope with the passing of your pet. It seems to “ease the pain”, and can be shared “online” with others who are also grieving.

Using biblical verses

Many individuals can find comfort in reading biblical verses in regard to their pet’s passing. Many can be obtained online.

Displaying pictures of pet

Seeing a picture of your pet really seems to help cope with your loss. There is nothing more soothing than to look at a picture of your pet engaging in its favorite activity. You can have a picture in your home, or post one online for others to view.

Donating to an animal shelter in your pet’s behalf

Donating money, on behalf of your pet, to an animal shelter is a great way to pay tribute to your pet. This way you are helping other animals while, at the same time, creating a remembrance of your beloved pet. You can find a list online, as to the reliable and reputable organizations that help animals.

Pets play a big role in an individual’s life, especially if this person lives alone and focuses on the attention of this animal. Of course, the importance of this pet varies from person to person, but the trend today is based more on good and humane care for animals, especially one’s house pets. The goal nowadays is to keep a pet well, healthy and happy while it is alive and to keep its memories alive, after death. Due to advanced technology, like the internet, it is easier to accomplish memorializing your pet’s death. This!

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