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Death Penalty

Death penalty is the practice of sentencing a person to death as an obligation of the court ordered imposition, considered as a punishment to his or her crime. Death penalty is also recognized by the titles Capital punishment, execution, executing, death sentence or sentence to death. Capital punishment is believed to have originated from Latin capitalism which means something cutting head. It shows death penalty was just severing of head in the ancient days.

Death penalty was first established under the rule of King Hammaurabi of Babylon in the eighteenth century B.C. Death sentence was also popular in the reigns of fourteenth and seventh century where capital punishment was the only punishment awarded to all kind of crimes. In the ancient days few naive death penalty practices which were followed are crucification – as how Jesus Christ was believed to have been put to death, drowning the person in water until death, immolation of the person and impalement by fixing the person against a sharp stake or pierce him to death. Capital punishment has its origin from the ancient clans of Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Now it is considered a legal practice; followed in fully developed countries like US and UK. It has not failed to leave its trace in developing countries like India and Singapore too.

Capital punishment is executed in various ways. It differs from country to country. The six sense species has let lose its imagination to discover countless methods in favour of this punishment. Following are the death sentence practices which were the most common in use:

hanging the person to death administering a lethal injection to the person electrocution; supplying high volt electric shock to the person (usually performed by making the person seated in the electric chair) garroting;strangulating the person to death lethal gassing; suffocating him to death using a deadly gas firing a person to death using a firing squad making him consume poison, live burial by burring alive, drowning to death, stoning to death, guillotine beheading or decapitation – the practise of slicing his head using a sharp blade breaking wheel which is famously known as catherine wheel where the wheel has spokes over it and the person is laid over it and beaten to death and corporal punishment is the punishment of beating to death.

Death penalty has always been an issue of concern. Of late it has gained enormous displeasure and condemnation from the international organizations like UN, Amnesty International and several Human Rights organizations all across the world. It is ethically, culturally and religiously condemned almost all over the world. Death penalty is believed to be an absolute violation of humanity and regarded as cold-blooded killing of a person with the consent of statutory bodies in the open.

People who support death penalty argue that it is just a payback. It is highly convincing for them as the punishment serves to be as a lesson for all ages. Capital punishment is always known to inculcate appropriate fear in the minds of public and thereby has played a major role in reduction of crime. While fanatics debate that it is violation of basic human rights, the main reason behind this notion is that the soul destroyed is irretrievable. In case of lapsed or biased judgment, it would become another crime and additionally the life lost can never be regained. The million dollar question is whether we humans are eligible or qualified enough to assume the authority to judge who should live or die?

Ramya Sadasivam