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How to Look for Pets Urns and Memorials

Pet lovers always want nothing but the best for their pets. And even after their passing, these people always go out of their way to find the best resting places for these special members of the family. One of the best ways that they can lay them to rest is through pet runs and memorials.

If you go out looking for urns and memorials today, you’ll actually find a lot of choices in stores. One of the very first and the most important factor that you need to keep in mind is the cost. Although there are a number of relatively inexpensive memorial urns available today, some of these items may not have the same kind of craftsmanship as the other pricier products. But remember, there are plenty of beautiful and top quality urns that are not that expensive at all. It all boils down to finding the right store that can give items at bargain prices. So be ready to invest some time in shopping.

Another very important factor that you need to keep in mind is the size of the urn. Pet urns and memorials now come in various sizes and shapes. Some are made for different kinds of animals, some even for different breeds. For instance, there are pet memorials that are made especially for cats or for dogs. So if your pet is relatively large or small, make sure to keep this in mind as you shop.

After setting your budget and the urn dimensions, you can now start deciding on the style and material to use for your pet urns and memorials. Luckily for you, there are many kinds and styles available as well.

One of the newest kinds of memorial urns today is the figurine urns. The design usually has a small figurine of a certain animal breed perched on top of a rectangular urn. This is now a very popular choice with pet owners because it allows them to customize the urn by making real-life figurines of their pets.

One other very popular material used for pet urns is wood. Wood gives memorial urns a sense of warmth with its natural colors and textures. Wood is also very durable and a very versatile material that can make perfect display items. However, if you do not like wood, there are natural stone urns available as well.

For those of you who plan to scatter your pet’s remains, you can opt to get a smaller keepsake urn which allows you to keep just a small amount of the ash to remember your pet by.

There are many places that you can go to buy pet urns and memorials. But for wider variety and more choices, the best place to shop is online. If you want to have your urns customized, there are some online stores that can do this for you as well.

If you do plan to buy pet urns and memorials online, make sure that you get them from legitimate and reputable retailers that deliver the product as promised. Aside from that, it would be an added plus to purchase items that have good return and exchange policies in case you want the item replaced.


With PawsNotForgotten.com’s one-stop shopping, superior quality pet urns and memorials at incredible prices, you are sure to find exactly the right pet urn you are looking for to help celebrate your pets life.

Dog Memorials and Urns

The passing of your beloved pet is both heartwrenching and difficult. Following years of a special friendship and bond, you are faced with a sense of loss and sadness. There are many ways to cherish the memory of your pet. This provides closure for some, and gives you the opportunity to honour and respect the memory of your beloved pet.


One way to honor your pet’s memory is to purchase a headstone or marker commemorating your pet’s life. Granite, slate, quartz, stone and marble markers are attainable for purchase. Laser technologies allow a picture of your pet to be etched into the marker if you so desire along with an epitaph. Various dimensions, shapes and styles of markers can be customized to suit. Specialty designed garden stones are also available to place among your flowers and shrubs.


Another product that is available to commemorate the life of your furry friend is glass keepsakes. Ornaments, stained glass pet renderings, and pendants are designed to honor your loved one. These keepsakes are carefully crafted housing a portion of your pet’s creamains to be displayed or stored among other special items. The utmost care and respect is taken when working with the remains in the creation of the keepsakes.


Using photos of your pet, original artwork can be created. Pieces are in the form of paintings, sketches, and portraits. Oils, pastels, pencil, pen, charcoal, acrylics and water paints are all materials that can be used to create a beautiful portrait of your pet. Another type of artwork available is pet cremain. This involves using your pet’s cremains respectfully to create a canvas masterpiece. Employing glasswork skills, stained-glass can be used to duplicate your favorite photo of your furry friend. Using glass fusing methods and traditional glass design a stunning portrait can be created.


Another pet memorial available is customized jewelry. Just as the other glassworks, jewelry pieces encase a portion of your pet’s cremains. Custom-designed pieces are available and every piece is hand-crafted. Other items such as charm bracelets, necklaces, and tags can be designed. These are all using your pet’s photo.




Additional memorial products include keepsake boxes, plaques, scrapbooks and photo blankets. You will be able to treasure your companion’s memory while curling up under a photo blanket. You precious moments spent with your friend can be displayed in photo books, on a magnet or on a commemorative plaque. Various styles and design options are available for keepsake boxes allowing for storage of treasured items as well as cremains. The boxes can be further personalized with the addition of a photo on the box.


The classic urn is another choice for a memorial. Pet urns come in an assortment of current and classic styles. Handpainted and custom-designed urns may be ordered. Resources used to construct the urn include: glass, ceramic, wood, and biodegradable material.


Trying to commemorate the life of your pet might take on various forms. Take into account your friend’s personality, the moments you shared together and what will allow you to cherish the memory most effectively. Take into account that you can customize most products in order to truly commemorate the life of your pet.

Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials – When Your Pet is a Member of the Family

Some people are as close to their pets as they are members of their family. In fact, many consider their dog or cat a much loved and cherished member of the family. When a pet dies, it can often be just as emotional and grievous as with a human. In the case of a person with no biological family left, the death of a much beloved pet can be a heartbreaking tragedy.

Pet memorials are a way to treat your pet with all of the love, respect and true friendship you felt for them during their life. Think of them as a final way to pay tribute and express gratitude. You want your tribute to be fitting for your pet. Unlike people, pets show us unconditional love. They love us no matter how we act or what we do. Is there anything more precious? This is why millions of people have a special connection and friendship with their dogs and cats.

It’s always sad when you lose a beloved pet, but the loss can be made even worse in certain situations. Your cat or dog may die of old age, or may become ill. He/She may get hit by a car, or become prey to wild animals. Some scenarios are just too difficult to even think about. It is normal to go through a grieving process with your pet, just as with people.

Choosing pet memorials and cremation urns are an important part of this process. You want to choose the perfect memorial for your pet. These decisions are made out of the adoration, respect and love that we have felt over time. Going through these decisions often helps to move forward through the heartache.

There are several factors that come into play when choosing pet memorials. Are you going to bury your pet, or cremate him? Do you want a memorial for indoors or outdoors? You also want to consider the opinions and feelings of the other members in your family. These are decisions that should be made in agreement by all, since everyone in your family has experienced great loss.

There is nothing in the world quite like a pet. How many people run to the door to greet you every day when you come in from work? Do they snuggle up at your feet in the evenings, and greet you with excitement every morning? There is truly nothing like having a pet that you love and adore, and who feels the same way about you. When your pet passes on, give him all of the special treatment you did while he was still in your life with a wonderful pet memorial.

Pets to Rest is a pet memorial provider and publishes helpful information about pet loss and grief. Several pet urns are available online. Resources and information about losing a loved one and cremation urns for people are provided by In the Light Urns. See our cremation urns and memorials catalog. There you will find a robust catalog of several unique memorials and resources. Thank you for reading.

Pet Cremation Urns and Memorials Can Help Pet Owners Find Closure

Pet urns and memorials are growing in popularity. The reason for this is very simple. There are a huge number of families around the world that have pets. Pet owners start viewing pets as family members after they have lived with them for many years. A dog can live with you for about 16 years or more whereas a cat can be with you for up to twenty to twenty-five years.

The death of a beloved pet creates the same impact on the pet owner as the death of a family member. They grieve just like they grieve for a loss of a close friend or loved one. There are a number of pet owners who want to cremate their pets or select unique pet urns since it brings for them a sense of closure.

Veterinarians understand how painful the loss of a pet has become for the owners and thus provide their clients with cremation services. The cost of cremation can be fairly expensive. It depends on how much your pet weighs and also where you live. This service is provided by your vet. Your vet will contact the cremation company who will collect your pet from the vet’s office, cremate it and place it in the urn you chose. They bring it back at the vet’s office and you can collect it.

Wood pet urns are most commonly used but there are a variety of other options too. You don’t have to buy the pet urn from the veterinarian. You will most likely be able to find cheaper urns on the Internet and you can choose from a huge variety of specific dog and cat urns.

Sometimes a lot of pet owners know that their pets are suffering from a terminal illness and will not be able to survive for long. Such owners should purchase the cremation urns well in advance otherwise they will have to go in for the vet’s service and compromise with a standard cedar wood urn.

There are various things that you can do with an urn. You can either bury the urn or keep them with you or spread the pet’s ashes in a distinct place. This is totally up to you. However you choose to honor and remember your pet should be done in a manner that serves to help the grieving and healing process.


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