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Being Aware of Pet Food Recalls Can Save Your Animal’s Life

In recent years there have been several pet food recalls (cat and dog alike) that have left pet owners nationwide mystified as to why it has been happening. There have even been a handful of people who are convinced that some of the manufacturers are actually guilty of foul play. Thousands of pets have died as a result of tainted ingredients and even more became seriously ill. Suffice it to say, it has become cause for alarm as these pet owners depend on these commercial entities to package healthy foods and snacks for their animals.

Mycotoxins, which are toxins that are produced by different fungi, have been the major culprit. As a result of these tainted pet foods and snacks being discovered, the FDA has gotten involved and mandated that the commercial manufacturers issue these recalls. The goal of course is that the FDA and commercial manufacturers work in conjunction with one another to prevent further outbreaks of pet deaths and illnesses.

Sometimes, keeping your pet healthy is simply a matter of knowing what to look for as well as knowing what you should avoid. In other words, knowledge of what is going on is your most powerful weapon and could be the soundest way of protecting your pet. Here are 4 suggestions on how to prevent as well as spot potential problems. In the long run, you could be saving the life of your pet.

1) Always look for an expiration date on the container or packaging before you purchase canned or dry pet foods. In addition to helping you identify items that are about to expire and go bad, this is just a common sense move on your part. Additionally, chemicals that have been added for flavor, as well as preservatives added for longevity of product life can be potentially harmful to your pet. The best suggestion is that you feed your pet an organic food.

2) If there is no expiration date, check for either a foul odor or staleness. It’s not likely that you will get your money back on expired pet food that you purchased, but this is not the key issue – you have a responsibility to not only your pet, but to the other owners and pets out there. So make sure that you report issues like this to both the commercial manufacturer as well as the retailer where you made the purchase.

This is all well and good, but common sense would mandate that you rethink purchasing any consumable for your pet that is lacking an expiration date. Will you purchase food for your family that had an expired date or was about to expire soon? Here’s more food for thought. What if that phone call you make instigates more action which eventually leads to another recall? And what if that recall saves the lives of a few thousand more pets?

3) Symptoms of abnormal or unusual behavior always warrant a call to your veterinarian. The earlier you treat the symptoms, the greater the chance of a quicker recovery. Unfortunately, many more pet’s lives could have been saved had their owners responded at the first sign of these symptoms. Never take these situations lightly and contact your veterinarian immediately.

4) Always keep abreast of media reports regarding pet food recalls. Current news, media reports, and news updates are all over the internet. Simply type in “pet food recalls” into the browser/search bar and start doing your homework.

Here’s a final tip. Avoid any information that commercial manufacturers publish regarding their products. Though the information they put forth may be accurate, remember that they produced the pet food or snack in question, and it is the job of that company’s market department to “sugarcoat” the situation as much as possible so they do not lose market share.

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How to Deal With Everyday Life Grief

What comes to your mind when you think of the word grief? Most people think of death. Even if you Google it, the listings that come up are related to the emotional response that surfaces from the death of a love one. There is very good information and help out there related to that topic. So the purpose of this article is to talk about the silent discounted grief that is part of our daily life but we don’t even know is there for the most part. Believe it or not we all grief since we are born and our emotional health depends on grant part on the mastering of this process. We all hear the word grief here and there but even people who are in the midst of the process don’t know what the word grief means or what the process really involves. The English word comes from the Old French grève, meaning a heavy burden. This makes sense when you consider that grief often weighs you down with sorrow and other emotions that can have both psychological and physical consequences.

There are many unconventional situations that produce grief reactions and most of them are just part of being alive. Judy Viorst in her book “Necessary Losses: The Loves, Illusions, Dependencies, and Impossible Expectations That All of Us Have to Give Up in Order to Grow” talks about most of them in great depth. She mentions how since the moment that we leave our mom’s wound we experience our first loss which is necessary to being alive. Why? Because loss is not a one-dimensional process. When we loose we also win but sometimes the pain from the loss might blind us from seeing the winning aspect of it.

Everyday we confront different and many type of losses – loss of independence, loss of a loved one, break ups and divorces, loss of security when we move to a new place or loose a job, disappointments, pervasive loss of one’s personal sense of well being and adequacy. . . so forth and so on. Even each positive stage of life carries on a loss, going to college, getting married, having a baby, retiring…just to mention a few. So if we can look at grief, sometimes, in a different way, as an essential part of living and growing, we could start understanding and accepting grief as a normal part of life. Here some tips to help you cope with it:

• Like with any sad or uncomfortable feeling or part of life, our reaction might be to try to run away from it. With grief the same happens. Contrary to what we do, it is important to understand that it is better if we welcome and try to go through it. “Easier said than done,” you might be thinking but you just can’t go around it. Grief is a process and you have to move through it to come across the other side.

• Be careful with judgment and allow all your feelings to come up. Since judgment is part of being humans we tend to classify feelings as good and bad. While grieving something or someone, try to stay away as much as you can from judging what you feel. Just feel it.

• Be patient and give yourself time. When there is a change it takes sometime for our internal worlds to adjust to a new reality. Grief requires adjustment and is a healing process. Notice the word process, which means takes time. Even though it doesn’t feel good, it is invaluable for the redefinition of our core self.

• Allow yourself to have fun. Sometimes because something bad happened we don’t allow ourselves to have some joyful moments. Why? Because we tell ourselves that might mean that we don’t care or that we are bad people. Judgment again! Well, let me tell you that the human nature has the amazing capacity to tolerate or do more than one thing at the same time. So you can be grieving and can fun at the same time.

• Surround yourself of familiar things and faces. A change increases uncertainty and vulnerability so the more you can be around routine and all time friends and family members the better.

• Tolerate the discomfort and hang in there. Try to do it without resorting to substances or unhealthy behaviors. Knowing your coping style when under stress might help you to know what to do while grieving. Easy recipe to follow: do exactly the opposite. Eg. If you tend to eat, try to exercise; if you tend to isolate, call a friend, if you try to overdo things, try to relax etc.

• Do not compare yourself to others. This is an easy trap. Because we know other people that went through a similar situation we push ourselves to heal as other did. Celebrate your uniqueness and allow yourself to have your own process.

• Keep in mind that grief is about remembering while attaching to something new. It is not about forgetting the past but it is about finding a way to keep people, places or experiences as part of who we are but being able to look into what the new horizons offer to us and see the beauty of it.

• Ask for help if necessary. If things get out of hand, the pain becomes intolerable for too long or adjustment doesn’t happen, do not hesitate to ask for professional help. Sometimes friends and family mean well but they don’t really give you the best advice.

As Karen O. Johnson MEd, founder & CEO of Everyday Life Grief Consulting says: “Life is made up of loss and it needs to be accepted and addressed to survive it in a healthy manner. Transforming the shattered dreams of grief can be a painful, but illuminating experience.” And remember that there is not a typical response to loss, as there is no typical loss (regardless of its nature). Our grieving is as individual as our lives.

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How Pet Ash Urns Memorialize the Life of Your Pet

When a family loses a pet, it can be as devastating as if a family member died. Pet ash urns can help bring closure to the loss and help both the children and adults in the family deal with the loss. Though nothing will ever replace your pet and you will always miss him, you can memorialize your pet and keep his ashes in your home.

Pet urns continue to gain popularity. Though pets have always been an important part of a family, people increasingly treat their pets like humans when they are alive. Pets are given their own beds, their own food dishes and their own bowls. This creates a deep bond of companionship between pet and owner, but it also makes the loss of the animal far more difficult to deal with. Many families have found that having a pet ash urn and keeping your pet with you even after their death helps ease the loss. Their memory continues to be an important part of your family history after they are gone.

More families are adopting pets, too. Many families are choosing more than one pet and when those pets pass, it is necessary to have more accommodating vessels. More pet ash urns are being constructed and sold because the world has more pets than it used to.

In most cases, owners outlive their pets. When you adopt a pet, you do so knowing you will need to prepare for his death. Though pet death is sometimes early and unexpected, most pet owners known the time will eventually come when the planning state needs to move to the doing-stage.

Planning for a pet death saves you money and helps make the process easier. If you and your children understand your pet is getting older and time is precious, it can make the transition easier. A pet ash urn needs to be part of your plans. When speaking to your vet about plans for the end of your pet’s life, be sure to ask about how the arrangements will be handled. If you have chosen an urn for your pet already, you vet is likely to work with you to accommodate the vessel you have chosen.

It is also important to prepare emotionally for the end of your pet’s life. This is one of the toughest phases your family will endure. It is important children understand that what is happening is natural. They should also know that if their pet is ill or in pain, their death will come as a relief. There is no reason why an animal should endure pain or suffering, especially in the final days of its life.

When the time comes to part with your pet, pet ash urns can help you and your family feel at peace. Though you will never forget your pet, you will need to adjust to life after they are gone. A pet urn can help you keep your pet’s memory alive, while still moving on in a healthy manner. Your pet’s remains will be with your family forever and the urn makes a lovely display when paired with a photo of your beloved pet and perhaps his collar or food bowl.


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