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Fire Monitoring Home Security Systems Saves the Lives of Family Pets

Home security systems are often thought of just in terms of deterring burglars, but many security system companies as well as homeowners themselves have come to understand that home security systems can offer many more benefits as well. In the last few years, one of the innovations in the industry is to offer fire monitoring in addition to security monitoring. Something that has just recently been introduced is the ability to protect pets at home alone in the event of a fire due to fire monitoring through a home security system.

A fire monitoring system in a home operates through the use of detectors that are activated by heat as well as smoke. Professionals who are thoroughly trained monitor the system twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week at numerous monitoring centers situated across the continent. In the event an alarm is activated, monitors alert the nearest fire department promptly. In the event that pets have been left home alone while owners are out, this can prove to be a beneficial measure that could ultimately save the life of a beloved family pet.

Fire monitoring systems have been recognized as being effective in saving the lives of homeowners, but now they are increasingly being recognized as being effective in reducing the number of pet deaths as well as injuries that occur as the result of home fires as well.

Summer is a particularly important time to consider introducing this type of protection into one’s home, as this is the most popular vacation time for most homeowners. While some homeowners board their family pets at a kennel while they are on vacation or bring their pets with them, many other pet owners find it necessary to leave pets home and have neighbors check in on them during their absence. Having a home security system that also offers fire monitoring can provide pet owners with a greater sense peace of mind when they leave for vacation.

In addition to utilizing a home security system with fire monitoring, there are also many other steps pet owners can take to make sure that their pets are not at risk in the event of a fire. For a number of years, parents have made use of window clings that alert fire fighters of the presence of children in the home. Now, window clings are being produced to alert fire fighters of the presence of a pet inside the home as well. Such items can go a long way toward helping to save the lives of pets. Pet window clings allow pet owners to record the number of pets that are inside the home. The clings are then clearly affixed to a front window of the home so that information is clearly provided to fire fighters in the event of an emergency. Do make a point to keep your window clings updated with accurate information, once you have them affixed to your windows.

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Tips on Pet Urn Placement in Your Home

The last thing you want to have to think about once you have had to sustain the loss of a pet is what to do with the remains. Some people opt to bury their pets in the back yard or a pet cemetery with a pet grave marker to ensure they have a place to visit anytime they want to remember their pet. Others opt for cremation and want to keep the remains of their pet companion in a pet urn.

Pet urns are a great pet memorial choice and are one of the best ways to preserve the cremated remains of your pet. They can be sealed tight and come in an array of various designs, sizes and colors to place just about anywhere in your home. However, it can be hard to determine the proper way and place to display your urn, ensuring it is displayed in the most tasteful and creative way possible.

One of the best places to display your pet urn is in a favorite room of your home, such as a den or living room. Put it in a place where you spend a lot of time relaxing and reflecting, as it can provide a sense of comfort and resolve over your pet loss. You might also consider displaying it in a bedroom, if you are uncomfortable placing it in a common room of your home. If you have children, it’s best to display it somewhere high to avoid any accidents, as you would be devastated if your pet urn were to be broken. This is also true if you have existing pets.

Your mantle is a great place to display your pet urn, though some people opt to display their urn on a dresser or inside of a display case. You might also choose to place your pet urn on what used to be your pet’s favorite area of the home, such as a sunroom or close to a window. This is a good choice for people that reconcile their pet loss through the belief that their pet is still with them in spirit and want to make such a gesture in honor of their pet.

Matching the décor of any room is easy with a pet urn. They come in a variety of designs and have become easier than ever to match one to the specific design scheme of a room. You can either choose to match it to the décor or choose a contrasting color or design to ensure it really stands out. Your pet urn is not only a reminder of your pet, but also a way to remember them throughout your life.

Pet urns can also be found in a variety of pricing, depending on how larger or elaborate an urn you choose. Choose one that fits within your price range and don’t try to spend more than you can afford. After all, the goal of your pet urn is to display the remains of your pet in a respectful, loving manner. It should not be to get the most expensive display for your pet possible. So, choose a urn that is reflective of your love and commitment to your pet and helps you to focus less on your pet loss and more on their full and happy life.

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