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Eczema Due To Reactions From Pets

As much as we love cats and like to cuddle cute puppies, some people have very sensitive skin that they cannot be around them without having a reaction. This can be due to the proteins of the pet that come out like urine or saliva as well as reactions to pet hair and dander. The reactions can be skin rashes, sneezing and even severe breathing complications. With this, it is not unlikely that the child will be in for more danger. Even if the dog or the cat is not around, the dander that they leave everywhere is also a great cause for the eczema to worsen. If your child has eczema, avoid getting cats or dogs as pets. If you can’t help it, you can give him a fish instead.

If you have asthma, you may have trouble being around a pet. If there is wheezing and respiratory difficulties, take this seriously. Allergic reactions can also occur with small animals like hamsters or pet birds. Eczema can have pink or red patches as well as clusters of bumps. Often, a person is not sure why they have a rash and looking at all environmental factors is important to do.

When the body has excess histamines, there can be extreme itching as well as air passage inflammation. Just as hay fever is very frustrating, so are allergic reactions to pets. Kids in addition can get ear infections and other problems that are tied to respiration.

If there is a history of allergic reactions in the family, be aware as this can be a problem for your children. Not only can there be skin rashes and breathing problems, but it can also result in insomnia and the heart may beat faster. It isn’t easy, but if your child has this issue, you’ll need to check with his classmates’ parents about whether they have pets when your child goes to their house. Your child needs to be taken away in that environment if they cannot tolerate pet hair and dander. Aside from that, you need to look for other helpful ways that will help your child feel better.

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Healing From Your Loss with Memorial Pet Urns

Animal lovers know the overwhelming grief of losing a beloved pet to the cycle of life, be it from diseases, accidents or natural causes. In fact, there is little to no difference between losing a beloved human being and a cherished pet because love is love no matter its subject. And if you are grieving for a beloved pet now, we suggest looking through memorial pet urns to start your healing process from grief.

Grief Process

Before we can understand how even a simple pet urn can help us heal from the loss of our beloved pets, we must first know the stages of grief. In this way, you will know what to expect and possibly how to deal with the emotions at every stage so as to facilitate acceptance.

These stages do not necessarily happen in an orderly fashion. Yes, you are allowed to grieve in your own way just as you have the freedom to choose the best one among a wide range of memorial pet urns for your pet.

The denial stage is where numbed and shocked disbelief alternate to shelter the individual from the loss.

The anger stage is probably the most difficult in the grieving process. The pain is unbelievable, which is coupled by feelings of guilt, frustration and anger.

The bargaining stage happens when you start to bargain with the powers-that-be for something to ease your pain.

The depression stage is characterized by extreme sadness, despair and isolation.

The acceptance stage is when you can finally deal with the reality and accept the cycle of life.

At any point in time, you may want to look at the possible choices of memorial pet urns. It will be a difficult decision because the fact that you are choosing a pet urn can only reinforce the reality that, indeed, your beloved pet is gone.

Ways Memorials Help in Acceptance

But a memorial urn for your pet helps in so many ways. It may not make the sadness, anger and pain go away but a memorial urn is a must if and when you want to lessen these feelings associated with grief over the loss of a beloved pet.

Here are the ways that it can help in acceptance:

Rituals for saying goodbye to the ones we love that have passed on beyond the temporal world are not so much for the deceased but for the living. These rituals help us express our feelings of grief, process our emotions into something we can understand and, most of all, extend our goodbyes. Memorial pet urns are part of these rituals especially when we place the urn in an honored place in the home or in the yard.  Objects associated with the deceased pet give us comfort in knowing that it is just near, if not in body at least in spirit. A pet urn where your dog’s ashes are kept and where a picture is embossed on top is one such object helpful toward acceptance of your loss. You can talk to your pet, if you like.

Most importantly, memorial pet urns help keep the memories of your beloved pets alive in your heart and mind. Your grief then transforms into acceptance, hope and love for all the good times shared with your cherished pet.


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