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Pet Food Dispensers

If you have pets getting a pet food dispenser is a good idea especially if you live alone, and/or everyone at home goes to work and comes back late in the evening. Often you may have to stay back at work or may get waylaid by a friend, or may even want some time for yourself but will have to hurry back home anyway because you haven’t fed your dog since the morning.

Leaving your dog hungry is not a good thing. They depend on you totally even for their daily food. Imagine being in their position where you get food only if someone gives it to you and you will get what I mean. The best compromise would be to get dispensers. Even in pet food dispensers there are different varieties. The simple ones are the ones that are little more than pet food storage bins that come with a spout or funnel that helps you pour out the food. The slightly better ones are those that come with a lever that can be operated either by you or by your pet itself so that they can help themselves whenever they want to.

The first kind of dispensers are the cheaper ones and will only cost you around $ 15 for the simple ones. The lever operated ones are better and more fancy looking so cost more. The only problem with these kinds of dispensers is that you are relying on your dog or cat to stop eating by itself. This does not always work, and sometimes you will find that your pet has eaten four days food in one and is lying listlessly in one corner with a bloated stomach. Imagine if people are unable to exercise self control when it comes to food then it is likely that animals will be the same.

A better kind of storage bin dispenser would be the automatic timed ones that will dispense food at predetermined hours. Some of them are programmable so that you are able to time two separate meals in the same dispenser. Although these are a little more expensive it might be a better option if you are bothered about the health of your pet. Whether you believe it or not even pets suffer from the same complications of obesity as people do if they over eat.

These dispensers cost anywhere between $ 50 and $ 150 depending on their size and complexity. Check online for the good ones and if you buy there you can even avail of some discounts.

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Healthy Pet Food

Just like humans our pets also need a balanced diet food to stay healthy. Ideally they should also to be given a diet that contains all the six main nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. As a responsible pet owner you must initiate to offer your pet the ideal diet that would lead to the development of good health. There are many commercial packed foods available in the market that are made up of contaminated ingredients. So, you must also learn to choose the food that you would like to serve your pet. The following are some helpful information on healthy pet food.

As already mentioned the ideal diet of a pet should contain the six major nutrients. Proteins help in strengthening the tissues and formation of hair, nails, skin, organs, blood, muscles and such. Carbohydrate is responsible for providing energy for the body tissues, healthy fats absorb, store and transfer vitamins to moisturize the fur coat and the skin. Vitamins promote proper maintenance of the metabolic system while minerals support development of hair, skin and the entire skeletal system.

If you are up to feeding pets like dogs and cats you are required to offer them a diet based on animal food. The primary food must be raw meat as to stay physically fit they require the various nutrients, amino acids and enzymes. Lack of animal fat in their diet often leads to diseases that are related to skin and coat. Ideally the diet of a pet cat or a dog must be a combination of the raw meat and vegetables. Their body is not accustomed to accepting cooked or processed food items. So, you are recommended not to serve them with cooked food no matter how delicious it can be for you. The 30% of your dog’s diet must consist of raw fat.

To ensure good health of your pet you must provide your pet with the right diet rich of minerals appropriate with the age, sex, weight and the level of general activity. For instance, puppies should be given the amount of food that they can consume within ten fifteen minutes. Puppies in between 6 and 12 weeks old must be fed three times a day and those above 12 weeks must be fed for two times a day. Serve your pet with calculated amount of food instead of a large meal. You are further advised to provide food in a stainless steal bowl as the cracks and crevices developed on the surfaces of the plastic or ceramic containers may turn out to be ideal for bacterial growth.

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Being Aware of Pet Food Recalls Can Save Your Animal’s Life

In recent years there have been several pet food recalls (cat and dog alike) that have left pet owners nationwide mystified as to why it has been happening. There have even been a handful of people who are convinced that some of the manufacturers are actually guilty of foul play. Thousands of pets have died as a result of tainted ingredients and even more became seriously ill. Suffice it to say, it has become cause for alarm as these pet owners depend on these commercial entities to package healthy foods and snacks for their animals.

Mycotoxins, which are toxins that are produced by different fungi, have been the major culprit. As a result of these tainted pet foods and snacks being discovered, the FDA has gotten involved and mandated that the commercial manufacturers issue these recalls. The goal of course is that the FDA and commercial manufacturers work in conjunction with one another to prevent further outbreaks of pet deaths and illnesses.

Sometimes, keeping your pet healthy is simply a matter of knowing what to look for as well as knowing what you should avoid. In other words, knowledge of what is going on is your most powerful weapon and could be the soundest way of protecting your pet. Here are 4 suggestions on how to prevent as well as spot potential problems. In the long run, you could be saving the life of your pet.

1) Always look for an expiration date on the container or packaging before you purchase canned or dry pet foods. In addition to helping you identify items that are about to expire and go bad, this is just a common sense move on your part. Additionally, chemicals that have been added for flavor, as well as preservatives added for longevity of product life can be potentially harmful to your pet. The best suggestion is that you feed your pet an organic food.

2) If there is no expiration date, check for either a foul odor or staleness. It’s not likely that you will get your money back on expired pet food that you purchased, but this is not the key issue – you have a responsibility to not only your pet, but to the other owners and pets out there. So make sure that you report issues like this to both the commercial manufacturer as well as the retailer where you made the purchase.

This is all well and good, but common sense would mandate that you rethink purchasing any consumable for your pet that is lacking an expiration date. Will you purchase food for your family that had an expired date or was about to expire soon? Here’s more food for thought. What if that phone call you make instigates more action which eventually leads to another recall? And what if that recall saves the lives of a few thousand more pets?

3) Symptoms of abnormal or unusual behavior always warrant a call to your veterinarian. The earlier you treat the symptoms, the greater the chance of a quicker recovery. Unfortunately, many more pet’s lives could have been saved had their owners responded at the first sign of these symptoms. Never take these situations lightly and contact your veterinarian immediately.

4) Always keep abreast of media reports regarding pet food recalls. Current news, media reports, and news updates are all over the internet. Simply type in “pet food recalls” into the browser/search bar and start doing your homework.

Here’s a final tip. Avoid any information that commercial manufacturers publish regarding their products. Though the information they put forth may be accurate, remember that they produced the pet food or snack in question, and it is the job of that company’s market department to “sugarcoat” the situation as much as possible so they do not lose market share.

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