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Dealing With A Pet Death

Dealing With A Pet DeathThe grief process is different for everyone and can last for days, months or even years, and is perfectly normal when dealing with a pet death. The process sometimes begins with denial until the pet owner can accept the loss. Some pet owners feel anger, which may be directed at anyone involved with the pet, including family, friends, and veterinarians, and they may also feel a sense of guilt about what they did or did not do for the pet, which can delay coming to terms with true feelings and the loss of the pet.

Sorrow and sadness is the stage we normally think of as grief. For many pet owners, losing a pet may be one of the most heart breaking experiences they will ever have. Mourning the loss, and finding it difficult to eat, sleep or even concentrate on tasks that were once considered simple or easy is not uncommon. Another symptom is becoming withdrawn from other people, but this is really when we need supportive people the most. Talking to someone else who understands the grief of losing a pet is an important step in helping the healing process begin.

When these first stages subside the resolution stage of the grieving process can begin. It is at this point that the pet owner will begin to finally accept the reality of their loss and remember their pet with less sadness. The pet owner will start focusing on the wonderful memories and the times enjoyed together with their pet. There may still be times or events that will trigger the pet owner to experience sadness, anger or guilt but the recovery time will be much quicker. It has also has been shown that when grief is outwardly expressed, the time needed for healing is far less lengthy.

While the grief process is really a unique personal experience, a pet owner still not need to face the loss alone. There are a number of forms of pet loss support available including Pet Memorial Urns Online itself as well as other internet based websites. We strongly recommend that you post your comments or experiences within any section of this site so that others that are experiencing the grief of pet loss will know that they are not the only ones. You may even find a supportive friend or two.

Other forms of support that are available are the pet loss support hotlines we have compiled for quick reference as well as a number of excellent books on pet loss that help with dealing with a pet death.