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Memorializing Your Pet With Cremation Jewelry Urns

When an individual has lost his/her pet, it can be a devastating time. The way in which a pet has died, also makes a difference. For example, a lingering illness gives one time to prepare for the unfortunate event, whereas death caused by a pet getting run over by a car, etc, gives no time for preparation. No matter what the cause, a pet’s death is very sad, and the time of grief varies from individual to individual. Some individuals take longer than others, depending on the relationship and factors surrounding one’s life without his/her pet.

One way that helps to ease the pain is remembering the “good times” with your pet. There is no better way to accomplish this than to honor this little animal with a “token of love”. A good way to do this is through a cremation jewelry urn. Here you can wear your pet’s ashes and keep him/her close to you 24/7. These jewelry urns can be in the form of a necklace, bracelet, or key chain, etc.

These pieces of jewelry are available in the form of lockets, crosses, and other types of designs and patterns. They can be “real gold”, “silver”, “pewter”, or other types of less expensive metals. These items are keepsakes, remembrances, as well as conversation pieces; all of which will keep your pet not only in your thought, but also in your conversation.

Jewelry urns can be found on the internet at sites that sell cremation urns for pets. Although most are inexpensive, they can become pricey, depending on the metal that the jewelry is made.

Jewelry urns can be as public or private as desired. For example, a beautiful cross urn can appear to be a religious cross; however it is really a container to carry your pet’s ashes. When someone compliments you on the beauty of this piece of jewelry, you only need to tell them as much or as little as you want. They do not need to know that this is an urn, unless you desire to reveal your loss. So, in this way, the loss of your pet can be kept private, if so desired.

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Keep the wonderful memories of your pet intact in urns for cremation

Losing is your pet is quite shattering and it’s hard to digest the sudden loss. It’s difficult to accept the loss of your lovable pet after sharing so many beautiful moments together. At times, you fail to realize the value of the relationship, which you shared with your pet until the occurrence of your pet’s passing away. There may be times when you regret for not giving special attention to your dear pet. It’s not possible to rewind time but you can surely express your love and honor your pet’s death in a decent and memorable way. When it comes to choosing the urn that can best express the identity of your pet, there are far more unique pet urns for cremation than you can imagine.

There are no limitations when it comes to different choices that are available for pet urns for cremation but at the same time, with the never-ending choices at your disposal, you might get confused. Though most of the urns for cremation that you see are lovely, it’s not possible for you to buy everything. With the unlimited choices, you should be able to decide what exactly you need. When you narrow down the choices based on your budget, material and design, the purchasing process becomes easy. First of all you need to decide whether you plan to scatter the remains of your pet or you prefer preserving the remains in personalized keepsake urns for cremation.

If the pet animal of yours loved playing in the backyard of the house then choose a lovely urn that can be buried in the ground, with the remains staying intact. Biodegradable urns for cremation are recommended for burial as they are environment friendly. For garden display, engraved granite and white stones in the shape of heart or bone are ideal. The name of the pet, birth year, death year with a one liner can be imprinted on the face of the stone. Even paw prints and images can be engraved. The superiority of the stones ensures longer life. Customized photo memorial stones can be used indoors as well as outdoors. These kinds of displays blend well along with the flower shrubs in the garden, filling serenity in the environment.

Apart from pet urns for cremation, even pet jewelry is suitable for keepsakes such as pet fur, cremains and dried cremation flowers. Cylindrical shaped jewelry made out of glass, wood and metal hold the memories and they also remain close to your hearts. Oval and heart shaped silver / gold pendants with paw prints can be used along with suitable chains. Laser engraved and 3D photo engraved pendants make you feel closer to your pet animals and you can carry them wherever you go. During the healing process, these kinds of personalized pendants make you appreciate the fun times that you had with your faithful and lovable pets.

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Buying a Pet Cremation Urn Is Not That Difficult

In all probability, you find solace in the company of your pet and love it from the bottom of your heart unless you have an aversion to animals. However, its untimely demise can put you in the depths of despair and make you feel extremely sad. When all is said and done, there is nothing that you can do to bring it back and therefore, it is imperative for you to cherish the wonderful memories that your pet left behind. For this purpose, you can buy a pet cremation urn which would speak volumes about the bond that the two of you shared while it was alive and will showcase your love for the departed soul. However, it is easier said than done as this product can burn a hole in your pocket and is not typically available in every other store.

In the wake of these events, it is advisable to switch to internet and conduct an online search. Believe it or not but several websites sell this product in a plethora of designs and can help you in buying one at an affordable price. Moreover, with internet by your side, you no longer need to push your way through a crowded store and can make a purchase whenever you want. In other words, a suitable pet cremation urn is just a click away from you, and would be delivered right at your doorstep within a couple of days unless otherwise specified. Meanwhile, you can also get the desired product shipped to the other side of the world but that’s another story.

Nevertheless, it is important for you to realize why you should not go the traditional way and opt for online shopping. To begin with, you would get to explore a lot more options and can buy all sorts of urns including the highly popular cat urns. These products would come in handy if you have some felines at home who have already breathed their last or are on the verge of dying. It goes without saying that nothing of this sort should ever happen but you have to be prepared for the worst.

Last but not least, you get to choose something that is in tandem with the personality of your pet and could be your biggest tribute to the departed soul. For instance, you can buy some cat-shaped urns to cherish the memories of your felines and do something nice for them when they are gone. These cat urns are available in plenty of attractive designs and you can choose the one that is in accordance with your budget and liking.

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Find Pet Cremation Urns to remember your pet forever

When we lose someone, then to overcome this mournful experience, we take certain measures. Among other approaches, holding any keepsake to remember someone is found to be quite a ritual for the past many years. When it is not possible to bring back the deceased in our life anymore, then at least any kind of keepsake might help giving comfort and solace to us. In the market, we can see the presence of different types of cremation urns jewelry.  This kind of keepsake jewelry always reminds us the presence of the deceased one.

When it is the matter of our pet, then we might become overemotional about choosing Pet Cremation Urns from the market. This kind of jewelry is made to fill a small compartment with the cremated ashes of the dead pet. This kind of physical reminder of the special one always stays close to our heart all the time.

Today’s market is filled with different types of keepsake jewelry for the cremated pet. These jewelries are found in both classic and contemporary designs. These jewelries are produced from the highest quality materials in order to guarantee a durable and unique treasure. And, this type of item is very much present in the market to make memory of the deceased friend or family member much stronger. Many elegant designs for these jewelries are present in the market in a variety of precious and semiprecious gemstones. Presence of gold, silver, pewter or bronze etc. can be seen as the material for these items.

Pet Cremation Urns are found in variety of designs and colors. Most popular designs are hearts, nature scenes etc. Pets are no less than family members, while they are present in our life for many years.  Grief over the loss of a pet can be as heartbreaking as losing any friend or family member. Pets become one of the most important parts of our life. So, to remember the attachment with the pet, this kind of cremation jewelry is very much important. Various nature series jewelries are present in the market, which can be chosen for their symbolic significance. Thus, we can say that cremation urn jewelry is much on demand as the tribute to the deceased pet. Ash memorial jewelry can be found online. And, they can be purchased with a better deal from various online shops. Many discounted price can also be seen from the online stores and we can get better deal from these sources.

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Urns For Cremation

When people decide upon what to do with their dead, they have a variety of choices. Of the most popular choices is a process called cremation. Cremation entails turning the body of the loved one into ashes. People chose to cremate their dead for a variety of reasons. Some people use cremation as a cost efficient way of handling their dead. In many cases, a person will demand that their body is cremated before they die. And, some people belong to a religious faith that demands that their body is cremated. No matter why a family or other loved ones chose to cremate someone, they usually choose to hold on to what is known as the cremains. The cremains are held in vessels known as urns. There are a variety of urns for cremation available for purchase.

When loved ones are selecting urns for cremation, they will choose cremation urns based upon what they plan on doing with the cremains. For example, some people choose to keep in the cremains in their home. They will display their cremation urns on a fireplace mantle, on a dresser top, or on somewhere else prominent, so that they will always have the cremains of their loved one close by. Or, some people choose to scatter the cremains in specific locations. In many cases, a person will designate places that they would like to have their cremains scattered, before they die. Along these lines, some people want to be set adrift at sea or in the air. There are actually urns for cremation that will allow the dead’s cremains to be set adrift in water or to float off in the air. There are also urns for cremation that can be buried in the ground, so that the loved ones of the dead can hold a funeral that includes a burial.

Urns for cremation can be made out of several types of material. There are the metal urns as well as marble urns. These are the most popular cremation urns that are used to hold cremains in one’s home. These are the most durable and are designed to preserve the integrity of the cremains. Then again, there are also paper urns for cremation. These are used for cremains that are released in the air, such as in an air balloons or set out to sea. They are bio-degradable, so they will eventually break down. They are safe for the environment and they provide a beautiful and poetic way to say goodbye to a loved one.

There are also paper urns or cremation that can be used for burial ceremonies. They are bio-degradable, so they will simply become part of the earth over time. Wooden urns for cremation are useful for a burial ceremony as well. There are also other specialty types of cremation urns that are a bit unusual, but still serve the purpose of holding a loved one’s cremains. There are urns for cremation that can be worn as jewelry. These are made out of metal, or out of glass. They are shaped like charms and are usually worn around the neck. They are quite small and they can only hold a very small portion of cremains. However, it is completely safe to wear the cremains in this way and it allows a loved one to keep their dead close to them.

Not only can humans be housed in urns for cremation, but many people use these urns for house the cremains of their pets. Pets for many people are just as loved, and as important. When a dear pet dies, many people mourn the pet just as much as they would a human. So, there are pet owner who choose to keep the memory of their pet alive with cremation urns. These cremains can be held in a wide variety of urns shaped like picture frames, balls, bones, or other object that are perfect for pet cremains.

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Pet Cremation Urns and Memorials Can Help Pet Owners Find Closure

Pet urns and memorials are growing in popularity. The reason for this is very simple. There are a huge number of families around the world that have pets. Pet owners start viewing pets as family members after they have lived with them for many years. A dog can live with you for about 16 years or more whereas a cat can be with you for up to twenty to twenty-five years.

The death of a beloved pet creates the same impact on the pet owner as the death of a family member. They grieve just like they grieve for a loss of a close friend or loved one. There are a number of pet owners who want to cremate their pets or select unique pet urns since it brings for them a sense of closure.

Veterinarians understand how painful the loss of a pet has become for the owners and thus provide their clients with cremation services. The cost of cremation can be fairly expensive. It depends on how much your pet weighs and also where you live. This service is provided by your vet. Your vet will contact the cremation company who will collect your pet from the vet’s office, cremate it and place it in the urn you chose. They bring it back at the vet’s office and you can collect it.

Wood pet urns are most commonly used but there are a variety of other options too. You don’t have to buy the pet urn from the veterinarian. You will most likely be able to find cheaper urns on the Internet and you can choose from a huge variety of specific dog and cat urns.

Sometimes a lot of pet owners know that their pets are suffering from a terminal illness and will not be able to survive for long. Such owners should purchase the cremation urns well in advance otherwise they will have to go in for the vet’s service and compromise with a standard cedar wood urn.

There are various things that you can do with an urn. You can either bury the urn or keep them with you or spread the pet’s ashes in a distinct place. This is totally up to you. However you choose to honor and remember your pet should be done in a manner that serves to help the grieving and healing process.


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Burial Versus Cremation – Planning Ahead For Pet Loss

There are certain details in life which are just very difficult to face. This includes thinking ahead about the possible loss of your pet. Pet loss is difficult because our pets provide us with so much unconditional love and friendship. Planning ahead for the loss of your pet can often feel morbid and depressing, but death is a fact of life and being prepared can often help you to make the best and most informed decisions.

The biggest decision you will have to make upon the loss of your pet is whether to bury or cremate. Depending on your personal feelings on the topic, either decision is a sound one with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here is a breakdown of each to help you make the right decision for you and your pet.


Traditionally, burying a pet has been the more common method of the two options. Many people either choose to bury their pet in a back yard space or in a pet cemetery. You can purchase a pet grave marker to mark the spot where your pet remains are and even hold a memorial service graveside. Burying a pet is usually a fairly inexpensive option and is perfect for people that would like to have a place in which to visit over time.

It’s important to be aware of the proper methods of burial when burying a pet, making sure to bury them deep enough to avoid any scavenging animals looking for food. You can bury your pet in a favorite blanket or shroud or in a pet casket. Also be sure to check with your state and county to find out what the pet burial regulations are in your area. They vary from state to state and county to county.


Cremation of pets has increased in popularity in recent years and is starting to surpass burial, with many pet owners opting to display the remains of their beloved pet in a pet urn. Pet urns can be found in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs. They can be displayed just about anywhere in the home and are the best way to keep the ashes of your pet. Some people also bury the ashes in their yard and mark the spot with a pet headstone.

Cremation is a good choice for people that understand they have busy lives and won’t have the ability to visit a graveside on a regular basis. They want to have the remains of their pet close by so they can feel closer to their companion. However, some people have a hard time reconciling the idea of having their pet’s remains cremated, so this is certainly a personal decision.

A third option is to have your pet cremated but not keep the ashes. Everyone feels differently about hanging on to the cremains of their pet. Some find it healing to just let the physical remains go which can be symbolic of emotionally letting go too. If you don’t keep the remains, you can still have a pet memorial marker made to place in your yard under your dog’s favorite tree or near your cat’s favorite napping spot to provide a gently reminder of the love and friendship that you shared.

Whichever method you choose for your pet, just be sure you plan it out ahead of time and make a decision you will be comfortable with, even when you are in the process of grieving your pet loss. Planning ahead will not only save you time, but also give you some peace in knowing that these difficult details were taken care of well before you were grappling with the pain of losing a pet.

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Cremation Pet Urns Honor a Beloved Pet

The loss of a beloved pet can be just as devastating to those who love them as losing any other member of the family. When death occurs many people choose to cremate rather than bury the pet, and this offers a number of benefits. The first thing that comes to mind when honoring the remains of a pet is that you will be able to forever remember the special times you had together by using cremation pet urns for this purpose.

Cremation pet urns provide a tasteful method of storing the remains of those beloved individuals who brought joy into your life. The question is where to find the right cremation urn to honor the life that is no longer? Many pet stores carry their own lines of cremation urns and will provide a good selection, but sometimes that is just not good enough. It is at these times that shopping online may provide the solution for this emotion related problem.

With the wide array of companies that do business online, it just goes without saying that you will be able to locate what you are after when doing your shopping there. By checking with online retailers, you are sure to find a selection that will provide you with something that reflects the good times you enjoyed with your precious pet while at the same time honoring their short-lived life.

Cremation pet urns come in many sizes and styles and that will allow you to choose something that is right for your needs. Determining the correct size will depend upon the size of your pet as well as the amount of ashes. However, since this will be something that you will always have in your home, size may not be the overriding factor when making that choice.

Style, on the other hand, may be more important than any other factor when making your decision. You will want to know that any cremation pet urns you select will add value to your home, and will fit into the décor you will be placing it in. Since you will be honoring the life that has been lost, the style chosen should reflect that special being. That can be done through the use of color as well as decorative elements on the urn.

One final thought when making your selection of cremation pet urns is the amount you wish to spend. Sure, you will want to purchase the best product you can find to hold the remains of your loved one, but you should set a budget and stick with it so there will be no regrets about this special piece that will be with you for years to come.

Honoring a beloved family member has more to do with encouraging memories than it does with the amount of money spent, and remembering those good times does not have to mean spending more than you can afford, but it should mean cremation pet urns that reflect those memories.

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Cremation Pet Urns

The loss of a pet can hurt a family or a pet owner very deeply. This is especially true if the pet was brought into the family from birth. The fact is that having a pet, usually a cat or a dog around the house is like having another baby or a child around. Indeed, many people raise pets when they don’t have children to raise. Pets mean so much to people, that it has been medically proven that pet owners live happier lives. They offer us their attention, affection, and they give us a reason to love, and to live. Picking up after them, feeding them, bathing and caring for them becomes part of our daily routine. So when they leave us in death, its only natural that we will want to find a way to honor them, and to keep them around.

Just as in the case of humans, a pet owner might want to cremate their pets. They feel that they will feel comforted to keep the ashes close at hand. Sometimes, keeping the ashes around is a way of grieving their pet. A burial might seem too cold and distant. Plus, the fact is that burials are very expensive. Cremations cost a fraction of the price. Also in the case of humans, there are many cremation pet urns to choose from when the pet owner wants to hold on to the cremains of their cherished pet.

There are stone urns. The stone urns are stoic, and very dignified. They are made from marble, granite, or sandstone. These urns look just like a traditional vase urn. They will have bands of brass around them. These bands are where the pet cremains are stored. This is a great pet urn for the animal that had a noble or a dignified personality, as a lot of dogs do have. In the case of a cat, since cats are so elegant and independent, this might make a lovely pet urn for the cat.

There are other cremation pet urns on the market that can fit your taste, the pet’s personality, or the things that they liked to do. Resin cremation pet urns are a form of plastic. As such, they can be formed into any shape that you wish. Popular shapes include dog bones, balls, or fire hydrants. You get to choose the shape that best defines your pet, and these pet urns do a great job at holding the ashes.

There are wooden cremation pet urns as well. These pet urns tend to hold the ashes, and they have a place to hold the picture of your pet. This way, you can have a way of looking at you pet. Again, it might be good for your grief process to be able to “speak” to your pet, when you look at their picture, and you know that their ashes are still with you.

Don’t discount the need to grief, and to memorialize your pet. Cremation pet urns do a wonderful job at fulfilling this need. There are many to choose from, and they all do a wonderful and dignified job of keep the memory of your pet close to your heart.

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