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Choosing a pet

Pets can be like children. Attention-seeking, forever hungry and always in need of a bath, chances are your furry or feathery friend can be pretty high maintenance. But you love them anyway. The problem is deciding which type of pet to get and knowing what will work for you.

Cats make great pets if you live in a smaller house or apartment and don’t have time to exercise your pet. They are largely independent creatures but also love attention, pats and couch time. However, they do have the tendency to go wandering at night and some councils have introduced a ‘cat curfew’ in an attempt to reduce the number of native animals killed by felines. If you live near bushland or a park, you may be forced to keep your cat inside at night or else they may be bringing unpleasant treats home in the morning.

Getting a dog is nothing to be sniffed at. It is a huge responsibility and you may want to seriously consider the size of your house or apartment and backyard before choosing one. Some people are turned off by the idea of a dog as they require regular exercise but it’s hard to find a more loyal animal. Plus, getting a dog can even mean increasing your social life. Chatting to other owners in the park and meeting strangers in the street is a part of owning a dog. Some watering holes like the London Hotel, Paddington and Café Bones, Leichhardt are even totally dog friendly.

Fish are low maintenance pets. But they are generally pretty dull and are very hard to cuddle. If you do choose to buy a fish, don’t forget to clean the tank. A green, mouldy fish tank is the easiest way to make a room look dirty.

Birds fall into the hard-to-cuddle category as well. Although often beautiful and intelligent, keep a beady eye out for your feathery friend as they can easily fly elsewhere for their night’s accommodation. Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo and Elizabeth Bay are located close to the Botanic Gardens – a common magnet for birds that are supposed to be spending the night at home.

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Benefits of Choosing a Wood Pet Urn

Losing a pet is like losing a precious friend.  You can repay all those years of companionship and loyalty by providing your beloved pet with the right pet urn.  One of the best pet urns to turn to today is the wood pet urn.  There are actually a lot of benefits to choosing wood urns for your beloved pet’s remains.

First off, with wood pet urns, there are a lot of options to choose from.  You can choose any type of wood that you like, from oak, pine, cedar, mahogany, to walnut, or anything else in between.  The choice on the type of wood really depends on your preference.  If the particular type of wood that you prefer is not available in your area, you can easily buy one online.

One of the best benefits of a wood pet urn is its durability.  Most types of woods (of course, those that are carefully chosen) are very durable and can last for long periods of time.  This would mean that you won’t have to worry about transferring the ashes of your beloved pet after a couple of years.

Aside from its durability, wood is also popular for its overall cosmetic appeal.  The natural beauty of the wood cannot be overemphasized.  You can select from the various beautiful shades of natural wood.  Or you can simply add wood finish for a much better look and feel.  This can also help protect the surface of the wood. There are a lot of wood finishes available, such as varnish, lacquer, paint, shellac, wax and drying oils (tung oil or linseed oil).

Wood pet urn is also perfect for all kinds of animals, big or small.  This is because its durable material can hold up to 100 lbs. of weight.  So you won’t have to worry so much if your pet belongs to the bigger breed.

Another benefit of wood urns is that you can use them as decors and place them in a special area in your home.  A wood pet urn, if designed properly, can really make a good decoration.  This way, you can always remember your beloved pet every time you see the pet urn.

Since wood can easily be engraved upon and is a semi-permeable structure, you can easily have the material customized to your liking.  You can have it engraved in any way you like; you can have your pet’s name engraved into the wooden piece or you can simply engrave a poem or anything that your heart desires.

Aside from inscriptions, you can also choose to add other features onto the wood pet urn, such as wooden statue.  You can even choose to have a specially designed sculpture of your dog to make it more personalized.  This can also make a great decoration in your home.

Regardless of the type of wood pet urn or the design you choose, these wood urns never fail to make a great memorial piece that can perfectly fit into your home.  And knowing that your pet is in a nice resting place and is honored in a symbolic manner can even make the grieving process a bit easier.


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Tips on Choosing a Customized Pet Urn

When the unthinkable has happened and you have lost your beloved pet, it can seem impossible to have to make actual decisions about how to best proceed. After all, in many instances, it is as if you have just lost your very best friend. Who could possibly determine whether to proceed with burial or cremation after the loss of a pet? Moreover, additional decisions that follow that initial determination make the entire process seem almost too much to bear.

However, it must be done and choosing the right way for memorializing your pet, be it a pet memorial service, a pet grave marker, a pet urn, or perhaps a scrapbook of memories, something needs to be done to help you to come to terms with your loss. For example, pet owners that opt to have their pets cremated might just find comfort in choosing just the right pet urn in which to preserve the remains of their beloved friend. After all, what better way to pay tribute to your pet than by choosing a pet urn that is completely representative of their vibrant, loving personality?

Choosing a customized pet urn should be based completely on personal preference. If the décor of the space in which you are displaying the pet urn is simple and somewhat somber, then you can either choose a color and/or design to contrast with the existing décor and brightens it up a little; or you can opt to match the décor with a pet urn that is equally demure. The choice is yours in terms of how you want to express the personality of your animal in conjunction with adding to your home décor.

Pet urns come in a variety of materials, from sturdy, staid wood to beautiful, glossy ceramic. The different shapes and sizes of urns will accommodate a variety of needs, for those that must contain a large amount of ashes for larger pets to smaller urns for a smaller amount of pet cremains. There are a variety of different types of designs available for pet owners to choose for their
href=”http://ezinemark.com/goto.php?url=http://www.peternity.com/products/category/4″>pet urn
. There are bold, bright colors of all ranges, from deep blues and greens to bright reds and oranges. Pet urns can be found in just about every color of the rainbow. In terms of design, from intricate swishes and swirls to funky shapes and patterns to those engraved with the name of the deceased pet, there is literally something for everyone when it comes to finding the right pet urn for your most special friend.

When coping with pet loss, pet owners go to great lengths to find just the right pet urn. The final resting place of your pet is your last opportunity to express all of the love and appreciation that you feel for your dear friend and to pay tribute to the wonderful years that you spent together. A customized pet urn is a great way to do so, ensuring that you have a piece of art to hold the ashes of your pet and to reflect the unique personality of your beloved animal.

Colleen Mihelich
Owner, Peternity . . . honoring your pet for eternity
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What to Look For When Choosing a Pet Urn

Cremation is a common choice when it comes to deciding what to do with the remains of your pet. Many pet owners are still reeling from their loss and looking for a way to memorialize their pet through the storing and/or distribution of the ashes. However, a pet urn is the best way for pet owners to store the remains of their pets in a manner that is creative and tasteful.

However, how do you know where to go to find a pet urn and furthermore, when you do locate a retailer, how do you know which one to choose? In the midst of your grief, coming up with the answers to these questions can be challenging and somewhat frustrating.

These days, the process is easier than ever before. The place to go find a pet urn is through an online retailer. Choose one that specializes in pet urns and can provide virtual assistance in finding the best one for you. A reputable retailer will have a variety of sizes and colors from which you can choose, so pick one that not only reflects the décor of the place you will sit it, but also the personality of your pet.

The size determination will depend on the size of your pet and the resulting ashes from the cremation process. You can consult with the crematorium that cremated your pet to find out what the best size will be for your pet urn, but the standard measure to start from is 1 cubic inch of space for each pound of live weight when your animal died.

Once you determine the size, then it’s time to wade through the variety of colors and styles to find the one that best represents your pet’s personality. If your pet was serious and quiet, then you might choose a pet urn that is simple and austere. If your pet was crazy and full of life, choose a urn that is more colorful and bright. The choices are yours, but remember that when you display your pet urn, you may often be asked to talk about your pet, so you might want to choose something that is in line with the type of personality displayed by your pet.

Don’t spend more than your budget allows on your pet urn, either, as it is not necessarily about the type of urn in which you display your pet as it is about telling your family and friends and visitors the impact your pet has had on your life. Keep this mind when choosing a pet urn; pick the one that represents your pet for the price you can afford.

As you grieve, just remember that all of the steps you take to honor your pet through pet memorials are ways to assuage your grief and help you get through this rough time. With this in mind, remember that a pet urn is a representation of your pet’s life, but it is up to you to keep the memory of your pet alive.

Colleen Mihelich
Owner, Peternity . . . honoring your pet for eternity
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