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Handmade Ceramic Urns for Beloved Pets

When your pet dies, you might feel like you have lost a family member. There are so many ways that pets can have a major impact on your life. They are perfect companions, loyal friends, and they love you unconditionally. So when pets die, people often feel depressed and at a loss about what the next step should be. When people die, there are specific guidelines that need to be followed, but you don’t always know how to create the right resting place for your beloved pet. If you want to keep your pet close, cremation is a good option. One way to pay tribute to your pet and to keep their memory alive is to buy a beautiful urn for their remains. If you want to store their ashes in a special container, handmade ceramic urns are a great option.


Unlike store-bought urns, handmade ceramic urns are more personal. Your pet deserves the best, and their final resting place should reflect the special bond you shared. Ceramic urns are wonderful for decorating your home, and they allow you to keep your pet close to you after they pass. Using special, handmade urns will immortalize your pet and always keep their memory alive.


Many people are unprepared for their pet’s death. Understandably, it’s hard to think about not having them in your life. As a result, people are often unprepared when their pet passes away. Looking for their final resting place can be very stressful. If you want to keep your pet close to you, cremation might be the best option for you. Pet cremations can be performed by veterinarians or a crematory that is associated with a veterinarian office. To find out about the process in your area, call your veterinarian. They should be able to provide you with all the information you need. Ashes can then be scattered in a meaningful place, buried, or placed in an urn. Many people choose the last option because it helps them feel close to a pet and hold on to all the special memories they shared.


When you are going through an emotionally difficult time, picking out the right urn for your beloved pet can be very overwhelming due to the range of choices available on the market. If you want something truly unique and special, narrow down your selection to handmade ceramic urns. Ceramic urns come in a variety of colors and designs. They are made with care by artists who are dedicated to their craft. Choosing one for your pet is a great way to honor them.


Handmade ceramic urns can provide your pet with a resting place they truly deserve. You can celebrate their life by choosing an urn with attractive colors and designs. You and your pet shared many wonderful times together. Honor their memory with a beautiful resting place that’s never too far away.


Choose the perfect Urn which captures your pet’s one of a kind personality, from our unique and decorative selection of Handmade ceramic urns. We offer a great selection that will suit both your individual budget and taste.

Know Variety of Cat Urns And Dog Urns For Your Beloved Pets

Wide array of custom pet urns are found in the market, which makes you remind your pet very often. There are many creative ways to find proper pet urns for our beloved pet. Memorizing pet with the help of array of cat urns and dog urns is never any old task. Many unique designs are found in pet cremation urns in the market.

When to buy cat urns or dog urns after their death, then it becomes difficult to make a choice under that grieved period. Usually, pet cremation takes place with the help of veterinarian or at the crematory associated with the vet’s office. It is always advisable to talk to the veterinarian about several options sooner or later. You just need to check with the front desk of vet office, so that they can give complete information about this kind of product. After cremation, ashes of the animal are scattered in different meaningful places and they can be buried in a special location or keeping them as a loving reminder inside the cremation urn. This kind of product reflects your unique way of reminding the pet.

Different custom urns can be designed to reflect the special bond with the furry friend. Several individuals can create separate designs that reflect your personal choices about the pet or pet’s unique characteristics. Many times, clay can be molded to give a shape to your pet. Any kind of wooden dog house urn could be another option for urns. These urns can be designed for outdoor display to hold keepsakes or mementos like any photo frame, collar etc. Many customized messages can be inscribed on the pet urns.

Many online stores come up with variety of options for dog urns. They can find huge range of shapes, sizes and styles in those options. These urns can be found with many options for home decoration, so that pet owners can keep them at any place in their house. Besides understanding the decorative aspect of the urns, it is very much important to understand the functional purpose of the same. Also, durability aspect of the urns should be taken into consideration. Personalization aspect of the urns can make them more attractive to the buyers. Price of these urns varies widely considering its functional and decorative aspect of these products. Thus, many online stores are highly available to give complete solution for unique kind of urn.

Author is an experienced business writer, giving useful information on dog urns and cat urns

Cremation Pet Urns Honor a Beloved Pet

The loss of a beloved pet can be just as devastating to those who love them as losing any other member of the family. When death occurs many people choose to cremate rather than bury the pet, and this offers a number of benefits. The first thing that comes to mind when honoring the remains of a pet is that you will be able to forever remember the special times you had together by using cremation pet urns for this purpose.

Cremation pet urns provide a tasteful method of storing the remains of those beloved individuals who brought joy into your life. The question is where to find the right cremation urn to honor the life that is no longer? Many pet stores carry their own lines of cremation urns and will provide a good selection, but sometimes that is just not good enough. It is at these times that shopping online may provide the solution for this emotion related problem.

With the wide array of companies that do business online, it just goes without saying that you will be able to locate what you are after when doing your shopping there. By checking with online retailers, you are sure to find a selection that will provide you with something that reflects the good times you enjoyed with your precious pet while at the same time honoring their short-lived life.

Cremation pet urns come in many sizes and styles and that will allow you to choose something that is right for your needs. Determining the correct size will depend upon the size of your pet as well as the amount of ashes. However, since this will be something that you will always have in your home, size may not be the overriding factor when making that choice.

Style, on the other hand, may be more important than any other factor when making your decision. You will want to know that any cremation pet urns you select will add value to your home, and will fit into the décor you will be placing it in. Since you will be honoring the life that has been lost, the style chosen should reflect that special being. That can be done through the use of color as well as decorative elements on the urn.

One final thought when making your selection of cremation pet urns is the amount you wish to spend. Sure, you will want to purchase the best product you can find to hold the remains of your loved one, but you should set a budget and stick with it so there will be no regrets about this special piece that will be with you for years to come.

Honoring a beloved family member has more to do with encouraging memories than it does with the amount of money spent, and remembering those good times does not have to mean spending more than you can afford, but it should mean cremation pet urns that reflect those memories.

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Coping with pet loss: Grieving the death of a beloved pet

When your beloved pet has died, it is perfectly normal to grieve. You might even be surprised by the depth of the grief you experience. You probably recognize one or more of the following:

You cannot stop crying, and you can’t focus at work or at home
Grieving is too painful, so you try to ignore it by keeping busy or numbing yourself in various ways, but it doesn’t actually help, because by ignoring your feelings, you are also cutting off your ability to live fully. And even if you do try to suppress the grief you feel after losing your animal companion, you will still be overwhelmed by the grief from time to time anyway.
The grief can be is so overwhelming that you feel you are drowning and your heart is broken. 

In the following I will share a simple but powerful exercise that will help you acknowledge and cope with your grief.

Allowing yourself to grieve

Grief is a very powerful emotion, so when you feel overwhelmed by grief after the death of your pet, it is crucial to acknowledge the grief. Try not to resist but instead accept and embrace the grief. Allow the feelings to be there and cry if you need to, but don’t feed the grief with your mind by thinking about what you should or should not have done. Simply allow whatever feelings you have to be there. You can for instance put on some relaxing music to help you calm down.

From grief to inner peace

Allowing yourself to grieve will help you reach a state of inner peace and heal after pet loss, so you can easier see past the pain of the loss. You will see and remember more clearly the love you shared with your pet and be grateful for everything your pet has given you in stead of being torn apart by the pain of the loss.

And when you are not stuck in the grief anymore, you will be able to use that love and gratitude to not only improve your own life, but also to help others you meet on your path, both humans and animals.

Marianne Soucy provides support, comfort, and healing after pet loss. You can find more articles by her as well as tips, exercises and inspiration on her website www.HealingPetLoss.com, where you can also get personal tailored healing for both you and your pet.

Loss of a Beloved Pet Dog

What Would Losing a Pet Feel Like?

Dogs have shorter lives than humans. If you decide to get a pet, you will most likely go through the painful experience of losing a pet. Although dogs are different from people, losing a beloved pet can cause similar amount of pain and grief as when you lose a loved one. Pet loss can be especially painful when you’ve had the dog ever since it was a pup. The grief caused by the loss of a pet can also vary in magnitude. Some dogs can die a natural death, which would be a less traumatic loss than losing a pet in an accident or the sudden death of a pet due to a fast-killing disease. Pet loss caused by diseases that act slow can also cause heavy feelings of distress in the pet owner who is forced to witness the dog’s suffering and pain while struggling to help the pet get treated. In the case of diseases, sometimes, the dog owner is able to undergo a processing period, during which he begins to accept the loss of a pet as the disease progresses. There are also cases, however, when the dog undergoes a long stream of treatments with the hopes of getting cured of a particular disease, only to still die of the disease in the end. Such situations can also be very striking and painful for the pet owner who tried his best to get his pet treated. In this way, grief due to pet loss can vary in degree, but in general, the loss of a pet is not to be taken lightly.

Handling Your Grief Over Losing A Pet

Not everyone can understand the pain of losing a pet. People who do not own dogs will be especially unsympathetic. Grieving a pet is just like grieving over any form of a loved one. If possible, when you are grieving a pet, try to avoid people who won’t understand the pain you are going through. This might just give you feelings that no one understands you at all. In some cases, you may also be driven to think that what you just went through is not a big deal, and this can make you feel worse. If you’ve suffered the loss of a pet, the best way to handle your grief is to give yourself time to take it in. Some routines in your life will definitely be changed, and the feeling inside your home may lose the life and cheerfulness provided by the dog. Don’t force yourself to just accpet the changes. Try to ease yourself into the unfamiliar situation of not having your dog with you. Also, it would be a good idea to have a good cry. That can help you release feelings of pain and grief, and will do you much good.  

Getting a New Pet

Most importantly, don’t go out and get a new pet immediately. Some grieving dog owners may feel tempted to get a new pet as soon as the old one dies to avoid feelings of loneliness and grief. If you do this, you are not really getting a new pet. You are simply looking for a replacement pet. You might then be frustrated when you find differences between your new dog and your old one. Wait some time before you go out to get a new dog. By then, you’ll be ready to start anew, and this time, it will be with an entirely brand new dog.

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