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All About Pet Fashion

The trend of fashion of clothes for pets today is totally different from the way it was before. Every year there are changes in the looks and designs as well. Pet clothes really began with the simple thought of providing pets their basic needs and answering the complexities of the worldn and of the many situations. Change is constant that is why it is important to so with the flow and come up with new outfits.

Many makers of pet clothes are earning a lot due to very high demand and small businesses are coping up too on them. For this reason, big pet clothes makers strive to make new styles in order for them to compete. Various styles and designs were created for the sweaters and coats of dogs. There are also many styles for Chihuahua clothes and for other small breed dogs. Dog accessories are also available like boots, collars, bandanas and shirts.

Dog flower sweaters are one of the popular clothes for dogs. This kind of sweater is usually knitted and the colors that are used are usually contrasting. This also comes in various designs. Aside from these knitted sweaters, sequin sweaters are also available which will make a perfect gift for a pet lover.

Aside from dog sweaters, coats are also popular outfit for dogs and one of this is the dog coats that are reversible. These coats are also considered eco-friendly because it is made of recycled plastic aupporting the green movement.

Dog t-shirts are also one of the best outfits of dogs. Some of these t-shirts have hoods to provide covering for the head of the dog during rainy days. For small breed dogs like Chihuahua, hog t-shirts have great and cool designs.

If you are considering of buying your pet a new outfit then you can be sure that you can find one that can fit his personality. All you need to do is visit pet shops for they also sell clothes for your beloved animal.

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Know About Most -Expensive Pets In World

Many people love pets but some people are so crazy that they are ready to pay millions for pets. If you are also crazy to know about expensive animals, just scroll down. We have jotted down a list of most-expensive pets in the world:

Green Monkey – $ 16,000,000

Green Monkey is considered to be the most expensive horse ever sold in an auction with an initial price tag of $ 16 million. It was purchased by Demi O’ Byrne when the horse was just 2 years old. It was a special racing horse and the owner had high hopes from it. But it could not win the race and officially stopped working on Feb 12, 2008.

Missy- $ 1,200,000

This million dollar cow was sold at Toronto’s annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair when it was 3 years old. Previously possessed by Alberta’s Morsan Farms, it’s the world’s most expensive cow.

Tibetan Mastiff – $ 5, 82,000

Tibetan Massif is a giant dog available in many colors including black, brown, grey and white also. By looks, they seem to be scary and strong but actually they are very courageous, thoughtful and calm. They need strong and consistent masters who can groom them well otherwise they can become stubborn. They can easily socialize if provided with proper pet care.

This dog is also called “home guard” because of their protective ability.

Sir Lancelot Encore- $ 155,000

It is a cloned dog which came into being in 2009. When the beloved dog of a couple from Florida died, they created a cloned copy of the beloved pet after one year. This cloned version was dubbed as “Lancelot Encore”. The couple bagged an impressive $ 1, 55000 in a dog-cloning auction held San Francisco.

White Lion Cubs – $ 138,000

These are usually found in South Africa and are considered to be very rare. The color is similar to normal lion but their skin texture is different from them. Because of the price, scarcity, demand and upkeep, it is one of the most difficult animals to get.

Stag Beetle – $ 89,000

This is a very unique insect which is known for antlers which come out of head. These are a famous pet in Japan. They are the creatures which are more active at night. It is quite easy to keep them as pet. With little pet care, you can keep them happy. They require small place and you can leave them alone for long time. Usually they are placed in plastic boxes and a wooden piece is put in the box to make them feel comfortable.

Palm Cockatoo – $ 16,000

Palm cockatoos are quite large (around 24 inches) in length. They are very intelligent but require strong training also from their masters. Usually, those bird lovers who have experienced in keeping large parrots are suggested to keep palm cockatoos .These are not usually preferred by new owners.

So, if you have flair and capacity to keep expensive animals as pets, there are many options for you.

If you want, you can enjoy the company of your “expensive” companion!

If you are crazy to know about expensive pets, you can log on to petsvilla.com. This site is a good source for pet lovers who want to know about different million- dollar pets.

Information About Pet Urns

For most people, a pet is often very much a part of the family.  For those are single or elderly, a pet can be relied on to provide love and companionship for many years.  When a pet begins to age or takes ill, it can be a big worry to the pet owner.  By making some preparations in advance, when it actually comes time for your pet to pass, you will be prepared for the occasion by already having a way to memorialize your pet.  There are many options that are open to you, but one thing that is gaining popularity is pet cremation.  After the cremation, many individuals keep the ashes of their special pet in pet urns in Olympa. You can select pet urns in Olympia that are made of a variety of materials such as wood, resin, or ceramic, and that have any number of designs, colors, or patterns on them.   You can even find fun shaped urns such as a bone for a dog or a cat-shaped urn.  However, there is another option that is available to you, and that is to have a pet urn customized to your specifications.  Customization means that you can select the material you wish to have the urn made of based on where you want to keep it.  For instance, if it will be on the mantle, you may prefer porcelain, while if it is going to be outside, you may prefer wood or stone. Clay can be formed to resemble your pet or wood can be carved.  You can use specific colors of paint that can make an urn that is shaped like your pet look very much like your pet.  You may prefer to come up with other designs, shapes or colors that represent your pet’s special and unique characteristics.  You may ask the artist of the pet urns in Olympia to come up with a design that includes your pet’s name inscribed somewhere on the urn.  Another option is to select an inscription that reminds you of your pet, such as a poem that you have written or a song that reminds you of him.  By collaborating with the artist who designs customized pet urns Olympia, you are only limited by your imagination.  By looking at their portfolio you may get some excellent ideas of ways that you can create just the right pet urn to hold your pet’s ashes so that you can keep them close to you.  By making these preparations in advance, you will be able to handle the grief of losing a pet better.