Support Your Loved One During Their Grief

When we learn that our friends or families have lost someone close to them, sometimes we don’t know how to console them. During those times when you don’t have the words to say, your actions can speak volumes. Being supportive of them not only means listening when they want to talk about their feelings, but also finding ways to help them get on with their lives.

Encourage your loved one to keep a journal of their feelings. Writing helps a number of people release emotional stress that they can’t seem to express any other way. The journal doesn’t have to be written in any particular fashion, it just has to be an honest account of their emotions and feelings at the time. If they are hesitant about trying this, offer to keep a journal with them. This way, it will feel as if you are sharing the journey.

A lot of people don’t see it this way, but losing someone can be a new beginning. If your friend or family member can’t seem to function without their lost one, try to get them to do something different for themselves that they’ve never done before. This could be something as simple as trying a new hairstyle, or preparing a new dish. The idea is to get them to engage in something that they’re lost one did not have the opportunity to see. This will give them the feeling that they can move on with life, and that there are other exciting things to look forward to.

Another way to support your family or friends during their loss is to compliment them on the things that they have accomplished on their own. Remind them that they are their own individuals, and that their lost ones accentuated their qualities, but did not create them. By doing this, you will see them begin to regain confidence in their own abilities.

The most important thing you can do is listen. Listen to your loved one when they tell you how much they are hurting or why they feel that way. This is a very important step in the healing process. Having someone to talk to and someone that understands their pain will help your loved one heal. Give them the opportunity to express themselves whenever possible.

Grief can be overwhelming, but with the support of friends and family, healing is only a matter of time.

Renee Wood founded The Comfort Company in 2000. She is a social worker that has helped families deal with the loss or pending loss of a child, as well as aiding patients in the end-stage of renal failure. The gifts provided by The Comfort Company offer sympathy messages as well as hope for healing hearts.

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