Pet Urns

Pet urns can be a beautiful way to keep your pet close to you after your friend passes on. Many pet owners opt to have their beloved pets cremated, and while some may scatter those ashes in their yard or perhaps a favorite place outdoors where the pet liked to sleep or play, others choose to keep the ashes with them by purchasing a pet urn.

Pet urns come in a variety of materials like wood, marble and metal. The choice of an urn is a very individual one, depending on your own personal taste and even the decor of the room where you plan to display the urn. Some people prefer to keep the urn in the room of the house where the pet spent the most time, while others opt to display the urn in a central location or the room they may spend the most time in so they can see it often.

Urns for your pets can be found to fit any decor, with some available in specialized shapes, styles and colors. But the traditional wood, marble or metal pet urns can look good in almost any room because of their classic lines and colors.

Marble, metal, granite, glass and ceramic are some options for materials that are classically beautiful. Among just those materials the varieties are almost endless. Pet urns are often indistinguishable from the urns people have used for their loved ones’ ashes for years, though pet urns are on a much smaller scale. The beauty and quality of the containers, however, is on the same level with traditional urns.

The manufacturers of pet urns understand that beloved pets are a part of your family. And after they’re gone, their memories should be treated with the same respect as any loved one, even though they had four legs instead of two, or they flew, crawled or swam instead of walking. The loss of a pet can be devastating, and the beautiful, keepsake designs of pet urns are designed to help you through that loss by remembering your pet in a dignified and comforting way.

If you don’t want a traditional-looking urn but rather one that’s more about your pet’s personality, several designs are available. Special urns for certain dog breeds are available, with the urn as a box on the bottom and small statue of that breed on top. Cat urns come in similar styles and even horse urns are available with the most popular breeds adorning the tops. Certain keepsake pet urns come in interesting shapes, and some may be in metal or have a metal plate suitable for engraving your pet’s name.

Picture urns allow you to put a favorite photograph of your friend right on the container for an even more meaningful keepsake. And keepsake pet cremation jewelry like beautiful necklaces or other jewelry that serve as tiny pet urns are popular, as they allow you to keep a small amount of your pet’s ashes with you in the form of a lovely pendant.

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