Fixing Red Ring of Death

I’ve written this article for anyone who plays Xbox 360 and is looking for a repair guide to fix common problems.

Users have reported concerns over the Xbox 360’s reliability and failure rate. If your Xbox 360 is operating normally this is indicated by 4 green lights around the power button. Three flashing red lights around the power button indicate the Xbox 360 has experienced a failure. This is what is commonly referred to as the Red Ring of Death or RROD for short.

Common theories as the why RROD occurs are described below:

Heat is excessive. As the Xbox 360 is a high powered device its components dissipate a large amount of heat. Your console will heat up if the airflow to your Xbox 360 is blocked, this excessive heat leads to the red ring of death.

Graphics Chip. The graphics chip creates an overheating problem as it was designed in-house and is inefficient and dissipates too much heat.

Solder Joints. Microsoft used lead free solder joints when it made the Xbox 360. When exposed to excessive heat over extended periods of time the lead free solder joints become brittle. Once they are brittle this leads to hair-line cracks developing and often the solder joints break.

External Cooling Devises. A hardware failure can occur with the use of some types of intercoolers. The peripheral drains too much power and causes the faults to occur.

Heat Sink Clamp. A flawed heat sink clamp leads to the motherboard flexing.

It is important to note that your Xbox 360 is not completely broken if the flashing red lights occur. You can fix the red ring of death yourself and be back playing your Xbox 360 in the same day with a good repair guide. They are also inexpensive and easy to follow.

While the RROD error is the most common fault of the Xbox 360 other errors do occur. Errors include:

E74 Error
No Video
Xbox Freezing

The above errors should also be covered in any guide that you purchase.

It is important to remember that your warranty will be voided if you repair your Xbox 360 yourself. Before buying a repair guide contact Microsoft if this concerns you.

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