Choosing a pet

Pets can be like children. Attention-seeking, forever hungry and always in need of a bath, chances are your furry or feathery friend can be pretty high maintenance. But you love them anyway. The problem is deciding which type of pet to get and knowing what will work for you.

Cats make great pets if you live in a smaller house or apartment and don’t have time to exercise your pet. They are largely independent creatures but also love attention, pats and couch time. However, they do have the tendency to go wandering at night and some councils have introduced a ‘cat curfew’ in an attempt to reduce the number of native animals killed by felines. If you live near bushland or a park, you may be forced to keep your cat inside at night or else they may be bringing unpleasant treats home in the morning.

Getting a dog is nothing to be sniffed at. It is a huge responsibility and you may want to seriously consider the size of your house or apartment and backyard before choosing one. Some people are turned off by the idea of a dog as they require regular exercise but it’s hard to find a more loyal animal. Plus, getting a dog can even mean increasing your social life. Chatting to other owners in the park and meeting strangers in the street is a part of owning a dog. Some watering holes like the London Hotel, Paddington and Café Bones, Leichhardt are even totally dog friendly.

Fish are low maintenance pets. But they are generally pretty dull and are very hard to cuddle. If you do choose to buy a fish, don’t forget to clean the tank. A green, mouldy fish tank is the easiest way to make a room look dirty.

Birds fall into the hard-to-cuddle category as well. Although often beautiful and intelligent, keep a beady eye out for your feathery friend as they can easily fly elsewhere for their night’s accommodation. Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo and Elizabeth Bay are located close to the Botanic Gardens – a common magnet for birds that are supposed to be spending the night at home.

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