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Fear of Death – A Major Stress

Are you afraid of death and dying? Are you so afraid of death that you are afraid to live? Because we are anxious about the “Unknown,” we fear death and dying even though we all must face this ultimate transition as a resolution to our lives. Death has also become the “enemy” of our youth oriented society. Aging is not accepted or tolerated by our media and by the high technology that drives our world. (But that is a topic for another article.)

Many people fear doing new or unfamiliar things because they fear, at a deeper level, the ultimate anxiety that failure to do something new “successfully” will bring on death. Strange to think or feel this way, but look around and you will see a world filled with people who are “Stuck” in their lives because they fear attempting some new direction or activity. Have you ever heard the statement, “It is not worth doing unless you can do it well?” How can you do it well unless you try something and fail, maybe many times, until you can begin to figure it out and then master it. Very few of us ever learned to ride a bicycle or to swim without making mistakes that lead to success. But people fear new relationships or career paths or travel or searching their deepest thoughts because they fear the unknown. It may be easier to take the path most travelled but it removes adventure and learning through making mistakes from our lives. The safe path is not always the “right” path. We paint ourselves into corners by fearing the alternatives.

So this dilemma leads us to an important lesson in life. How can we choose to live fully without exploring the experience of death and dying? How can we be familiar and release our fear of dying, without really dying? A question for the ages… No easy answer here, but consider doing some research. I read the book “Life After Life” by Moody and Ken Ring’s research in his books “Life at Death” and “Heading Toward Omega” where these authors explored the death and dying experience by interview survivors of a near-death experience. The accounts by these survivors were profound. By reading this research, I began to release the fears of uncertainty regarding the experience of the dying process. It may not be so scary! In fact, many people who were resuscitated, and brought back to life, claimed a feeling of disappointment when they had to return to their bodies and had to continue living. They felt that death embraced them in a sense of “unconditional love and acceptance” that they did not know in their lives. These survivors consistently repeated that this experience had “Changed their lives” by removing the fear of dying. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was another scientist who sat with many people who were facing the ultimate transition. She wrote about having a different attitude toward death in many of her books including, “On Death and Dying.”

We must all face the experience of dying, when “our time comes.” Why not know something about this transition? Why fear the unknown and have this fear get in the way of living? I am not sure that our religions have good answers for us because often there are political or financial factors that play into the answers that our religions provide for us, but these may be a place to begin our quests. For me, many important experiences, and perhaps some answers, came from the practice of mediation and also, the group processes of sharing information with other seekers on the path.

Good luck in your search. Please take good care of yourself. Find your passion and do not fear get in the way of pursuing it.

L. John Mason, Ph.D. is the country’s leading stress management expert and the author of the best selling “Guide to Stress Reduction.” Since 1977, he has offered Success & Executive Coaching and Training.

All About Pet Fashion

The trend of fashion of clothes for pets today is totally different from the way it was before. Every year there are changes in the looks and designs as well. Pet clothes really began with the simple thought of providing pets their basic needs and answering the complexities of the worldn and of the many situations. Change is constant that is why it is important to so with the flow and come up with new outfits.

Many makers of pet clothes are earning a lot due to very high demand and small businesses are coping up too on them. For this reason, big pet clothes makers strive to make new styles in order for them to compete. Various styles and designs were created for the sweaters and coats of dogs. There are also many styles for Chihuahua clothes and for other small breed dogs. Dog accessories are also available like boots, collars, bandanas and shirts.

Dog flower sweaters are one of the popular clothes for dogs. This kind of sweater is usually knitted and the colors that are used are usually contrasting. This also comes in various designs. Aside from these knitted sweaters, sequin sweaters are also available which will make a perfect gift for a pet lover.

Aside from dog sweaters, coats are also popular outfit for dogs and one of this is the dog coats that are reversible. These coats are also considered eco-friendly because it is made of recycled plastic aupporting the green movement.

Dog t-shirts are also one of the best outfits of dogs. Some of these t-shirts have hoods to provide covering for the head of the dog during rainy days. For small breed dogs like Chihuahua, hog t-shirts have great and cool designs.

If you are considering of buying your pet a new outfit then you can be sure that you can find one that can fit his personality. All you need to do is visit pet shops for they also sell clothes for your beloved animal.

Thomas Cowella is your expert go-to guy when it comes to pet fashion. View his website about dog accessories and see the trendiest dog sweaters and dog clothes here.

Pet Doors

Owning a pet has it responsibilities, and one of them is allowing them easy access into the house without having to constantly open the door for them. This is when an accessory such as pet doors can become very handy. Pet doors will give a level of freedom and accessibility for certain areas of the house. However, there are several different types of pet doors available. The following part of the article will explain each type in order to make it easier for a person to choose one.

Aluminum doors: These types of doors are known for their durability and can be used to accommodate both cats and dogs. Generally if the door is going to be used a lot by a dog, it is advisable to get one that is strong and durable. Obviously, dogs tend to move about with more force compared to cats. Therefore aluminum pet doors are popular product for dog owners. It is best when it comes to providing safety and accessibility for the pet. Hence these doors are highly recommended by veterinarians and they are also tamper proof.

Weather proof doors: This one is also known as Ruff weather dog door, and as the name suggests it is very practical for houses situated in areas with bad weather. When it comes to rain, snow or sunshine, weather proof doors is the one to get. They are made of high quality plastic and are built to be extremely weather tight while accommodating dogs. It also has a dual clear vinyl flap with magnetic seals. The inside part of the frame is constructed with a special foam, which will not hurt or injure the dog in any way. It will accommodate a dog of any size. The weather seal window looks exceptional, designed to look good on any type of door.

Original plastic and ideal screen doors: Original plastic pet doors are perhaps the most common type of door for pets. It will have a clear flap so that the pets can see clearly before entering or exiting. Original plastic doors can be fitted to doors 1 3/4 and 1 1/4 in thickness, without any sort of modification done to the main door. It will also have a tamper proof mounting system. Ideal screen doors are also known as a patio pet door and give pets great freedom of movement. Out of all the different doors for pets, ideal screen is perhaps the easiest to install. This is good for people who do not want to spend too much time and money modifying their doors. They require very little time and tools to be installed.

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Pet Carrier Bags

Transporting your pets may have once been a hassle, but no longer with pet carrier bags. Instead of having to transport your pet in large, bulky pet carriers, you can use simple pet carrier bags to tote your small furry friend around easily and in style. There are many advantages to using pet carrier bags over the traditional pet carriers, and you will find that hauling your pet around in these pet carrier bags is far easier than you expected.

The average pet carrier bag is made from luxurious leather, cotton, nylon, or one of many other materials. You can easily find the best pet carrier bags in the color, size, and style that fit you and your dog best, and you can easily find a stylish bag in which to carry around your pet. There is no limit to the versatility of the pet carrier bags that you can use to transport your pet around, and you may find that you can easily find a pet carrier bag that complements your style nicely.

Some pet carrier bags are made in the style of duffel bags, while others are shaped like backpacks. Some are more like small tote bags, while some carriers even are designed as small rolling carriers. Whatever the style and shape of the bag, using a good pet carrier bag is very important. The best bags are even approved for use on commercial flights, and many bags can serve as carry-on luggage to allow you to keep your pet with you as you travel.

More and more companies are responding to the demand for luxury pet carriers by designing and selling new and improved pet carrier bags, and you can find pet carrier bags made by a number of local and international brands. Not only are these bags stylish and comfortable for your pet, they are a safe and reliable method of transportation.

It is important that you find a pet carrier bag for your pet that is the correct size. If you have a large dog, there is no way that you will be able to carry him around in a bag, but pet carrier bag manufacturers do make larger size pet carriers to allow you to carry your pet around with plenty of room in which to move in order to make the pet comfortable when traveling.

Purchasing pet carriers that are too small for your animal will simply cause it to become claustrophobic and restive, and you may find that your dog is uncomfortable and whiny as you travel if you choose a bag that is too small. Make sure that the bag is of a sturdy construction, as you want it to last through many vacations.

If you can find a bag that has sturdy handles, it makes it much easier to carry your dog around without worrying about the bag breaking. Many pet carrier manufacturers such as Sherpa are renowned for creating pet carriers that are solid and reliable, and you can purchase one of these quality bags to allow your pet to travel in both comfort and style. offers high quality, affordable pet carrier bags for your dog that are perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.

Stress Free Pet Travel

There are different types of pet movement within a country and outside of the country. When using your own expertise for pet travel you have to learn a little bit more about the laws of the airport and prepare. If you utilize one of the experts, you eliminate the learning stress of handling it yourself. This allows for a stress-free flight and/or travel for the pet owner and the pet.

For government moves, the following information applies.Advance (90-120 days) reservations are required for pets and should be requested at the same time PCS port call is being requested. There is no entitlement for shipment of pets at Government expense. Additional amounts of up to 10%, 20%, or 30% above the LQA rates may be allowed for larger families. DSSR 136 contains guidance for employees occupying personally-owned quarters.. Additional permits can only be reserved under a specific person’s name as group leader.

Here is breakdown if you allow a local expert to take care of move for you.Pet transportation is available to take pets to the vets office or to deliver them to the grooming or boarding facility of your choice. Dog park playtime is available so that your dog can visit the park and get in some good exercise or just to socialize and play with the other dogs. Pet movement is a duty that involves with animals. Therefore its important for you to have some knowledge on animal behavior and on handling of different animals. Pet taxis are available for those appointments that are not possible for you to attend but can be completed by a fully insured business. Your pet’s wellbeing is of paramount importance to us as your pet is our pleasure.

Pet relocation is usually a great issue for owners. The task is even more complex when it comes to horses which are large and frightened by confined spaces. Pet transportation is limited to personal transport by you/your designated party or by air in an appropriate container. If traveling by plane, make sure you contact the airline in advance to see if there are any specifications or limitations that may be in place.

In the end, transportation of all pets is a safety first proposition. It is very important that the stress and impact of the movement on the pets is considered. Pet travel experts take the necessary precautions to insure that all pet travel is safe for the animals involved.

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Pet Bounce Review

Just like us, over the years our furry friends also slow down. Joint pain and arthritis are widespread among older cats and dogs. Pet Bounce is a natural and homeopathic is a solution created to alleviate your pet’s aches and pains.

1. Top Signs Your Pet May possibly Be Experiencing Arthritis Or Joint Pain.

The early onset of arthritis or joint pain in your pet may possibly not be noticeable at initial. But signs of joint pain and arthritis in cats and dogs may be indicated by your pet’s behavior. If your dog is not able to keep up the pace on walks, or your cat is having a challenging time obtaining in and out of the litter box, chances are they’re experiencing joint pain and may perhaps be suffering from arthritis. Other signs of joint pain and feline or canine arthritis contain a lacking desire to climb or jump, excessive liking of a specific joint or area, joints which are swollen or hot to the touch, overall decrease of mobility and lack of energy. Your pet might also exhibit a slight limp or favor a particular side of their body more. The greater the discomfort your pet feels, the less they are inclined to be mobile. The decrease in their activity only increases the swelling and pain associated with arthritis. By alleviating their discomfort with Pet Bounce, you’re growing your pet’s capacity to move pain-free.

2. Boost Pet Mobility.

Pet Bounce is a medication given orally to your dog or cat 3 times a day. This product is formulated to treat swelling, fluid retention, pain, twitching jerking, stiffness and cramps. Pet Bounce has a convenient dosing schedule dependant upon the weight of your pet.

3. Homeopathic Formula.

Pet Bounce is a safe and all natural treatment. This homeopathic remedy does not want a prescription. The oral application is effortless to administer. There is no pill for your pet to have to swallow. There’s no will need to wait for anything to be absorbed or dissolved. The holistic agents are absorbed swiftly in your pet’s mouth.

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Pet Gravestones

Its agonising to lose a precious pet

Having been a part of your life for so long it can be heartbreaking when a pet passes over into the other life. When you pick the perfect spot to bury your animal you can mark the grave with a headstone that is befitting of your best friend. Personalised Pet Gravestones can become lasting tributes to pets of all descriptions. Beautiful inscriptions can be placed upon the front of the Pet Gravestones and you can choose your words wisely prior to ordering the handsome headstones. A great deal of comfort can be derived from ordering bespoke Pet Gravestones. Animal lovers who dote on their pets order Pet Gravestones in honour of the creatures that have brought so much pleasure to their lives.

When only the finest will do

The passing of a pet touches your heart and quite rightly you want the finest tribute to be placed at their grave. Only the best quality Pet Gravestones will be considered, supplied by a company that cares. Suppliers of Pet Gravestones know what owners experience when they lose their beloved animals. Its a time of great sadness but its also a time when the life of the pet should be celebrated. What better way could there be to acknowledge the life of an animal than by placing Pet Gravestones at the burial site. High quality Pet Gravestones are the perfect memorial to show just how much your pet was loved.


Your pet battled bravely to the end. The sadness you feel will remain a part of you for life and its time to give them the send off they deserve. Whether you decide to have your pet buried at a pet cemetery, or have picked out a perfect plot on your land, you can mark the area with a beautiful headstone that comes from the Pet Gravestones collection. Pick a few tender loving words that can be placed on Pet Gravestones and when you bury your pet the headstone can stand at the head of the grave. When people visit the plots that their pets are buried at, the Pet Gravestones add dignity to the area. Your pet is gone but it wont be forgotten with one of the Pet Gravestones on the burial site. are specialist suppliers Pet Gravestones . We have a range of products to suit your exact requirements; visit our site for more information.

My Pillow Pets

Imagine the kids playing with this or that toy and leaving them here and there and everywhere on the floor of the living room, the den, the kitchen. Mothers are only too familiar with this scenario. Enter, My Pillow Pets, inspired by a mom with kids who did just this very thing. This is a pet toy that straps together as a toy and then opens as a soft cuddly playful friend toy. The function of this toy enables the child that owns it to love it and cuddle it and play with it and then take it to bed. For moms this is wonderful since My Pillow Pets go with her little child everywhere and to bed and is never just left on the floor making the home much more organized and the child very happy and very comfortable.

Pillow Pets are made of chenille, a very soft material that is plush and durable. The toy comes in a variety of animal patterns from a cow with black and white fluffy looking patches to a bug with a red nose and black antennae. There are more than thirty different My Pillow Pets of many types of animals. Some are named, ‘Sir Horse,’ ‘Patriotic Pup,’ ‘Cowardly Lion,’ to ‘Zippity Zebra. A child will find a friend for life with one of these great soft functional pillows.

When on those long rides in the car for the family trip or visiting the grandparents, these fluffy and cuddly companions will keep the kids company. The durable and quality pillow can also be taken on airplane rides, after passing through the security system as a carry on item, these are the best type of toy and useful head rest for a young person. It will boost their confidence and offer fun for them on the trip. These are real stress busters for mother, dad and child together when traveling by car, train, boat or plane.

The personality offered by the wide variety of these life-like animal pillows will bring hours of joy and comfort to adults too. Adults who are students or working in home offices, need a place to rest their heads while working. The shape and texture of these cuddly companions offers support for the neck and head while seated in an executive chair or while resting on the easy chair reading and watching a favorite television show or movie. The design of this unique stuffed animal is such that it has a very healthy dual function.

The founder of the company says that this toy and pillow has become one of the most popular birthday presents and collectors item of the decade. Since 2003, celebrity Moms such as Victoria Beckman and Tori Spelling have been seen out and about or at special events holding the very attractive stuffed toys. It is a pillow and headrest for fundraising; exactly, another wonderful use!

See many of the available styles of Pillow Pets here.

Choosing a pet

Pets can be like children. Attention-seeking, forever hungry and always in need of a bath, chances are your furry or feathery friend can be pretty high maintenance. But you love them anyway. The problem is deciding which type of pet to get and knowing what will work for you.

Cats make great pets if you live in a smaller house or apartment and don’t have time to exercise your pet. They are largely independent creatures but also love attention, pats and couch time. However, they do have the tendency to go wandering at night and some councils have introduced a ‘cat curfew’ in an attempt to reduce the number of native animals killed by felines. If you live near bushland or a park, you may be forced to keep your cat inside at night or else they may be bringing unpleasant treats home in the morning.

Getting a dog is nothing to be sniffed at. It is a huge responsibility and you may want to seriously consider the size of your house or apartment and backyard before choosing one. Some people are turned off by the idea of a dog as they require regular exercise but it’s hard to find a more loyal animal. Plus, getting a dog can even mean increasing your social life. Chatting to other owners in the park and meeting strangers in the street is a part of owning a dog. Some watering holes like the London Hotel, Paddington and Café Bones, Leichhardt are even totally dog friendly.

Fish are low maintenance pets. But they are generally pretty dull and are very hard to cuddle. If you do choose to buy a fish, don’t forget to clean the tank. A green, mouldy fish tank is the easiest way to make a room look dirty.

Birds fall into the hard-to-cuddle category as well. Although often beautiful and intelligent, keep a beady eye out for your feathery friend as they can easily fly elsewhere for their night’s accommodation. Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo and Elizabeth Bay are located close to the Botanic Gardens – a common magnet for birds that are supposed to be spending the night at home.

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Dog Pet Beds

If you own a dog then there are several things that you will need to buy for them to ensure they are kept comfortable and healthy. Dog pet beds are one of the items that will be essential and although you may think it is ok for your beloved dog to sleep on your bed. There will come a time when they need their own dog beds. Dogs are very territorial and you do not want them making a claim to your bed. If you ensure they are sleeping on their own bed from an early age then they will come to know no different.

There are many different sizes, shapes, styles and colors of dog beds and you will need to decide which one is best for your dog. You will need to think about how big they are likely to grow and then decide how big the dog pet beds will need to be. Your dog will need to be able to lie comfortable in the bed and stretch out as well as curl up. You can buy the dog beds in either square, rectangular or round shapes although there are others these are the most popular. You need to decide if you are having a hard outer case on your dog bed or it will simply be soft foam.

Once you have decided on the size for your dog beds then you will need to consider the material. You will need to ensure that you buy dog pet beds, which can be cleaned and washed easily, since your dog may lay on it when wet and dirty. You should be able to strip the covers from the dog beds and easily wash them. Buying waterproof mattresses is an idea so that they will not get stained and wet if your dog is wet or happens to have an accident. You can then decide if you want to have a certain style or design of dog beds.

There are some fantastic designer dog pet beds available and these can look great in your home although they can be quite expensive so you need to consider your budget. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a designer dog bed then there are many more to choose from. What color, style and design of dog beds you decide on is purely down to taste. Often dog owners will buy dog pet beds that reflect their dog’s personality, which is great. You should try to choose a dog bed that will fit in with the style of the house and the rest of the decor.

The dog beds that you choose will show your dog ho appreciated and loved they are as you are offering them warmth, comfort and somewhere of their own. You are also helping to keep your house cleaner as all of the dog hair and dirt will be gathered on their bed and not all over your house. This will make your life far easier and you will not be worried about where the dog is sleeping as they will love their new dog beds.

Welcome to where we are striving to bring you and your pet quality dog pet beds and comfort at the best prices, all on one site.