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The Rise Of Sudden Death In Nigeria

If the eating habit of the upper and middle class Nigerians is not changed, there may be an epidemic of unprecedented death syndrome in the country, which will arise from cerebral and coronal artery disease in middle aged people. Sounding this alarm has become necessary in view of recent increase in the number of people who “die suddenly” or die “without any apparent cause”.

Because of the lack of understanding of the symptoms, and because the victims are often perceived to be hale and hearty, this problem that has been ravaging the country is yet to receive any major attention in the medical circles.

Coronary heart disease is one of the most common causes of sudden deaths. This problem is caused by the build up of fats in the arteries which supplies blood to the hearth muscles .Also, another major cause of this problem is a fall-out of hypertension related factors, and dietary induced problems. Statistics show that about 335,000 people die of coronary heart diseases without being hospitalized or admitted to an emergency room, every year.

According to experts, in the case of sudden death, the time of death as well as the mode of death are unexpected-usually occurring within minutes after symptoms appear, even though, the victim may not have been diagnosed of heart disease. Some of the cases that lead to sudden death include aggressive lifestyles, obesity, diabetes, cigarette smoking, abnormal blood clothing, etc. Due to the fact that a proportion of Nigerians in middle age harbor two or more of these factors without knowing, other symptoms are suppressed until death strikes suddenly. These “well individuals” does not bother to go for regular medical check-ups; because they believe that they are well, forgetting that even ageing and the effects of wear and tear of normal daily activities take their tolls on our human body.

Hypertension still remains the commonest cardio vascular disease which kills suddenly, through its leading complications, stroke and hearth attack. There are usually no warnings symptoms, the victim will be hale and hearty by mere looking at them. There is an increase in the consumption of saturated fat, refined sugar, and excess salt in foods. The so called anatomic profiles of robust cheeks and pot belly as marks of affluence should really give cause for concern. The growing number of death is enough warning that the stage is set for an epidemic of sudden death and the time to act is now to avoid this avoidable disaster.

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Medics Fight With Death in Gaza

Looks like 2009 brings not only joy but tragedy as well to the entire world. When I say tragedy I mean the war in Gaza, with its terrible views. The medics, who deserve medals for their bravery and for not losing their temper to those terrible views, do their best to provide medical assistance to those in need. Unfortunately some of them had come under the fire and had faced some long-term delays before reaching their destination.

During this war many had died or got seriously wounded. Medics struggle to keep the wounded alive, among the falling bombs or bullets, risking their life every minute in a place who pretty much looks like hell.

In addition, we must emphasise that there are around 400 medics who had offered as volunteers to help some innocent collateral victims.

Some medics admit that the worst part is not seeing the dead, but trying to rescue the wounded, some with terrible injuries, an ordinary man could not handle to see. They have found bodies in houses, lying there for days, so imagine the view or smell. They also admit that have personally seen rats walking around the bodies.

Moreover, other medics say that, even if they had been working as volunteers for couple of years, they haven’t seen anything like this. Searching for bodies and potential survivors under the ruins is the most difficult part of their job.

The Gaza hospitals are full and we do not know if they have the necessary equipment for medical assistance to every patience. A medic says that one day he carried 5 corpses, saw other 6 dead people near Gaza, and his medical convoy got fired by an enemy tank. So once again these medics need special awards for their courage and dedication, for risking their lives every minute.

Medics on the battlefield are most prone to danger, because not only do they have to think in couple of minutes what needs to be done, in order to rescue the wounded’s life, but they also need to keep away from the bullets trajectories.

Ever since the war began, 21 Palestinian medics have been killed, and 30 others have been seriously injured. As far as the medical equipment is concerned, 12 ambulances have been damaged, according to the World Health Organization.

Communication is done by phone, but sometimes the fighting breaks it, causing serious delays for everybody, that includes for medical assistance as well. Medics are quite aware of the fact that the enemy is opening fire on the medical crews causing them enough damage to delay the saving operations.

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Ring of Death Xbox 360 Fault Review

As we all know the Xbox 360 has been a huge success and has brought many hours of amazing online and offline gaming to the masses. Unfortunately the Xbox 360 has one major flaw. The Ring Of Death!

Many people have spent ours on hold to Microsoft trying to get their beloved console repaired only for Microsoft to charge them a small fortune to get it repaired and sometimes having to wait weeks for the console to return! Well this problem is now a thing of the past thanks to some AMAZING do it yourself Xbox 360 Fault guides.

Gone are the days of being lost on the phone to Microsoft and waiting weeks for a return date. Now we can all sort this problem ourselves within an hour and with zero cost. Now obviously their are other faults on the Xbox and luckily for us all of these common faults can be repaired from home following some very simple instructions.

These repairs include:

** Over heating consoles
** 3 red lights
** Freezing
**E74 error
** Graphic glitches
** And 2 red lights

Now these problems have now cost Microsoft millions of dollars in returned consoles, and they will no doubt have lost a lot of very loyal customers. I really don’t understand why Microsoft put such a high charge on such simple repairs, it really is disappointing. My Xbox has suffered with the Ring Of Death twice now and both times I have been able to revive and repair my console by myself from the comfort of my own home for free.

So why do these problems occur?

Well the main reason is overheating due to a poor design with the Microsoft cooling system. So as my first tip you really shouldn’t block any of your vents surrounding your Xbox. Also don’t leave your console running for long periods of time or left on standby.

If we can just do these very simple things we will all hopefully have many fun filled years of uninterrupted playing time.

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Xbox360 fault Review

LCD and CRT Televisions Death Match

Are Liquid Crystal Display or LCD TVs leading the way? Until the late nineties, Cathode Ray Tube TVs or CRT TVs were the standard, as well as the norm. Due to the demand, Sony – the technology giant started phasing out CRT production. Does it mean that the LCD TVs are better compared to the CRT TVs? Let us compare some advantages and the disadvantages of the two types.


As Liquid Crystal televisions contain more components compared to CRT TVs, it gives the advantage when brightness is talked about. LCD televisions are twice as brightly lit as the CRT monitors.


Clarity and quality of color is better on Cathode Ray Tube or CRT monitors compared to standard Liquid Crystal Display televisions. New monitors are TFT VGA LCDs and they make all differences. By putting them side-to-side would cause difficulty in spotting quality difference.


Old LCD TVs were not so good when in dim situations. Contrast settings of Cathode Ray Tube or CRT TVs portray light situations like they should. However, our new era of LCD TVs is better in coloring tones compared to before. If you’ll put a new LCD TV and a standard CRT TV side-to-side, difference is negligible.

Size and Weight:

Comparison in this area is just very obvious. Almost every LCD TV is a flat panel. It means that they’re easy to control and be placed in different places, even tight spaces. Liquid Crystal Display or LCD TVs could be just as thin as an inch. LCD TVs could appear to be the smallest among devices like pocket PDAs. Cathode Ray Tube or CRT TVs are not just ugly and fat, they could also weigh up to 20 kilos more than the LCD televisions.

There are more items that you could use to compare purposes like screen burn, screen flickering, power consumption, dead pixels, rack mounting, magnetic interference, video sources, and response time.

Finally, Cathode Ray Tube or CRT TVs were better than standard LCD or Liquid Crystal Display TVs, however, today’s technology have moved forward to make better screen types.

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Affirmations and the Fear of Death

Are you afraid of death? You are not alone. Many people spend quite a bit of their living time being very concerned about where they might go when they die (if anywhere) and what might happen when they get there (if anything). Seems like a lot to think about. But is thinking about death to the point of sleepless nights really necessary? I don’t think so, but let’s talk about it.

Well, the first thing we all know is that everyone dies at some point. The second thing we know is that what happens after we die is a mystery. Doesn’t it seem kind of odd that with all our technology and intelligence that we have not figured out this death thing? Marry that with the fact that we have not really figured out where we came from to begin with either and it seems like we have a pattern here of intended unknowns. No one is certain where we came from and no one is certain where will go once this life is over. Oh, sure some religious people will give you an earful about heaven, hell, paradise and a whole bunch of other places, but they don’t really know either they have just found comfort in the teachings of their faith. Mankind has always purposed theories about these things as they tried to make peace with the issue of dying.

What if the intention of our death was to welcome the unknown? What if we came to peace with our death and were able to get on living? Could an affirmation help? You bet.

If you are one of the many who are afraid of dying and anything surrounding your death try these affirmations. After a short period of time you will feel more alive and forget about when your life will end and what may or may not happen.

I am open to understanding death.

I release when and how I will die. I will die when my time here on earth is over.

I embrace life.

I am open to living my life at its fullest.

I am safe and always will be, even after I die.

When I die, I will go wherever I go and do whatever I will do. Most of all I will be totally ok.

My life on this earth will end when I am ready to leave.

I am ready to live my life.

I am ok with dying and now I am ready to start living.

Try these affirmations whenever you feel the urge to spend your living time thinking about the mystery of what will happen when you are no longer here. In no time you will be much more interested in living in the here and now and leaving that dying stuff to all the people who have gone before you.

Copyright (c) Joan Pasay 2009. All rights reserved. You may forward this article in its entirety (including author bio/links) to anyone you wish.

Cancer – A Synonym of Death

Cancer is not a new dub for the people breathing in the 21st century. It is as recurrent as our day to day usual activities. Every year about a million of new cases of cancer are diagnosed throughout the world. Most people loose their lives because of cancer. Treatment are available but there is still no 100% surety of recovery from cancer. Cancer influences almost every organ of human body transfiguring it into ruins in later stages.

Truly speaking cancer is not a single disease, but a heterogeneous group of disorders that are characterized by the presence of cells that loose control on normal cell division. Cancer cells divide rapidly and continuously resulting in formation of tumours that eventually strike healthy tissues. These tumourous cells travel across healthy cells creating tumours in them. The most frequent cancers include cancers of breast, lung, prostrate, blood, colon, rectum, pancreas, liver etc.

Formation of Tumour

Basically normal cells grow, divide, mature and die in response to a complex set of internal and external signals. A normal cell receives both stimulatory as well as inhibitory signals which are responsible for its growth, division and maturation. In case of a cancer cell, these signals get disrupted, so the cell divides abnormally at a higher rate. After loosing normal control, the cancer cell loose its normal shape and forms a distinct mass what we call a ‘tumour’. If the cells of a tumour remain localized it is termed a ‘benign tumour’ but if the cells invade other tissues, the tumour is termed as ‘malignant tumour’. Cells that travel to other sites of teh body, they form secondary tumours and have undergone ‘metastasis’.

Cancer- The Genetic Aspect

Cancer is the culmination of abnormal cell growth so needs attention both publically as well as scientifically. A number of theories have been put forward regarding cancer but now researchers realize that most if not all cancers arise from the defects in DNA> Previous views recommend the genetic origin of cancer. Many agents like ionizing radiations, chemicals that we come across result in episode of mutations that cause cancer. Some cancers are often syndicated with chromosomal abnormalities, about 90% of people with chronic myeloid leukemia bear a reciprocal trans location between chromosome 22 and chromosome 9> These observations accord clues for the genetic origin of cancer. In 1971 Alfred Knudson proposed a model for defining the genetic basis of cancer. His model id designated as ‘Knudson multistep model of cancer’, he was studying retinoblastoma- a cancer that develops in only one eye but occasionally appears in both> Knudson’s proposal highlights that cancer is a multistep process requiring several mutations, if one or more mutations are inherited additional mutations are also obligatory to disclose a cancer and the cancer will run in families. His model has been confirmed today.

Cancer starts when a single cell is encountered with mutation and results in its abnormal growth. This cell divides and forms a clone of cells each carrying same mutation. An additional mutation that occurs in any of the clone cells may further enhance adroitness of these cells to burgeon and cells with both mutations become dominant. In this process, depicted as clonal evolution, the tumour cells gain more mutations that allow them to become increasingly aggressive in their proliferate aspects. The rate of clonal evolution depends upon the frequency of occurrence of new mutations. The genes that regulate DNA repair have also been found to get mutated in progressive cancer stages and inherited disorders of DNA repair are usually depicted by intensified incidences of cancer. Normally DNA repair mechanisms eliminate many of the mutations but cells with defective DNA repair systems are more likely to remain mutated including the genes that regulate cell division. Many cells are aneuploid and hence accelerate cancer progression.

Are Environmental Factors Also Responsible For Cancer?

Smoking is a good paradigm of environmental factor confronted with cancer strongly. Other environmental factors incorporate certain types of chemicals such as benzene (industrial solvent), benzo [a] pyrene (cigarette smoke), polychlorinated biphenyls (transformers and capacitors). Ultraviolet light, ionizing radiations, viruses are other carcinogens associated with cancer. Most environmental factors cause somatic mutations that quicken cell division.

Genes Contributing Cancer

The signals that regulate cell division fall under two categories: molecules that speed up cell division and others that inhibit it. Because cell division is perturbed by these two factors, cancer can arise from mutations in any of these two factors. Mutations in stimulatory genes are usually dominant and are termed ‘oncogenes’. Oncogenes were first identified cancer causing genes discovered by Peyton Rous in 1909. Michael Bishop, Harold Varmus and their colleagues in 1975 discovered that genomes of all normal cells carry DNA sequences that are closely related to viral oncogenes. These cellular genes are termed as protoncogenes. THey are blameworthy for basic cellular functions of normal cells but when mutated they become oncogenes and produce cancer. Many oncogenes have been pinpointed by experiments in which selectted fragments of DNA are added to cells in a culture.

Tumour suppressor genes are more difficultly discerned than oncogenes as they inhibit cancer and are reccessive in action. One of the first tumour suppressor gene to be spotted out was that of retinoblastoma in 1985 by Raymond White and Webster Cavenne.

Alteration In Stucture And Number Of Chromosome Also Cause Cancer

Most tumours possess mutations. It is now clear that mutations in chromosomes appear to be both cause and be a result of cancer. At least three kinds of chromosome rearrangements- deletions, inversions and trans locations may be associated with cancer. Deletions may result in loss of one or more tumour suppressor genes. Inversions and trans locations may result in disruption of functions tumour suppressor genes and generation of fused proteins that may stimulate symptoms of cancer. Fusion proteins are generally formed in myelogenous leukemia, a form of leukemia affecting bone marrow cells. A third process by which cancer may arise due to chromosomal rearrangement is by the transfer of a potential cancer causing gene to a new location where it is activated by regulatory sequences, Burkitt lymphoma is common example.

Viruses Also Cause Cancer

About 95% of the women with cervical cancer are infected with human papiloma viruses (HPVs). Similarly, infection with the virus that causes hepatitis B increases the risk of liver cancer. Epstein-Barr virus causes mononucleosis embracing Burkitt’s lymphoma. There are only few retroviruses that cause cancer in humans. Other human cancers are associated with DNA viruses which like retroviruses integrate into the host chromosome but disparate retroviruses donot reverse transcription.

Changes In DNA Methylation Are Often Associated With Cancer

In many cancerous cells the ornamentation of DNA methylation are found to be altered. In some cases, the DNA of cancer cells is over methylated (hypermethylated) or undermethylated (hypomethylated). Hypermethylation is seen to contribute to cancer by silencing the expression of tumour suppressor genes. However, hypomethylation also contributes to cancer requires further research. The role of DNA methylation is interesting because unlike other genetic changes DNA methylation is reversible. These types of reversible genetic alterations are called epigenetic processes.

The treatment of cancer is accessible at present inclusive of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, radiotherapy etc. but the question to be 100% free from cancer still preponderates.

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Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix

So you were happily playing your Xbox 360 and you’ve now run into the dreaded “ring of death”. You become angry as you can’t seem to fix this by doing the normal reactionary methods such as rebooting the thing. More time passes and the red ring of death now seems to be staying put. You can’t play your favorite games and you are now wondering what to do…

Lets face the facts…to Xbox gamers, this is a serious problem. Not only has there been a lot of money put into this thing but now you cant even play it?! So it aint so! But it happens. So what do you do about it, you ask?

What Is the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death?

This is the awful hardware problem that, as the name implies, affects the Xbox 360 console. The light on the front of the console suddenly starts to display 3 red flashing lights. The fourth upper right part of the console does not flash and the whole console simply stops working. Now, this is such a problem because it is a patent problem with the hardware within the Xbox 360 itself. This means that there is no way of fixing it with a download or patch, as you might have looked for one. Microsoft repair will fix it for $ 140 if you send it back to them. It is not entirely clear why this happens. Some think that it has something to do with the soldering or something or other, but that makes no nevermind to you if you cant play it. There are 2 things you can do about it, basically:

1. You can send it back to Microsoft as mentioned previously. You will pay $ 140 and you will wait 6-8 weeks for the return of your Xbox 360 unit. Needless to say that this is not a popular choice.

2. You can fix it yourself. That’s right! If you dont care to shell out $ 140 large, or wait 2 months to get it back, then this is your ONLY option. This entails being willing and able to open up the console and tinker with it. Of course, this option can void any warranties so you’ll have to decide if its worth it to you. If you are handy at electronics, then it should be no problem. If not, then that leads me to a 3rd option:

3. You can throw it away and buy a new one. Yea, I thought you wouldnt like that. Thats why I wasnt going to mention it. This is best and least effort option but who wants to pay for something twice that you already bought once? But if you have the money, go for it.

How To Prevent Red Rings of Death

Heat is the bane of the Xbox 360. So here are a few things you can do to help prevent getting those rings of death:

1. You will want to keep plenty of airflow around it. That means no sticking it in an enclosure like an entertainment system or wall unit.
2. Do not place it on the carpet, or a towel, and run it. The carpet absorbs heat and prevents the device from venting.
3. Periodically blow out any dust build-up inside the unit.
4. Try to keep it cool or in a cool place as you run the system as much as possible.

Use good maintenance techniques like these and consult the users manual and you should be able to keep your Xbox 360 in the green.

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Xbox 360 Rings of Death

The phrase Xbox 360 rings of death has gotten very popular. It is fairly self-explanatory. Unfortunately, however, the dilemma that is left behind is not so simple. For those who are not exactly sure if they are suffering from the Xbox 360 rings of death, here is a short description of exactly what that means…

The Xbox 360 rings of death are when the three red lights on the front of your console repeatedly flash. Basically, your console will not be working properly at this point. The nagging, taunting red lights are the only signs of life for your poor machine. Unfortunately, when struck by the Xbox 360 rings of death, you will have to interrupt your Call of Duty battle to get this problem solved.

Microsoft offers anywhere from a one to three year warranty on their boxes. Unfortunately, like the ‘check your engine’ light on your car, they seem to time it perfectly for when the warranty has just ended. The Xbox 360 rings of death can be repaired. It’s simply a matter of time and money.

Whether Microsoft covers the Xbox 360 rings of death in its warranty or not, you are responsible to pay for shipping. It is not cheap, even if you send it via ground or five day delivery. If you are still under warranty, there is still no guarantee about how long it will take, either. The average for Microsoft is usually a minimum of 3-4 weeks in order to fix the Xbox 360 rings of death.

Luckily, this being the 21st century, we have some very valuable, inexpensive and convenient resources for our most perilous problems like the Xbox 360 rings of death. Thanks to our good friend, the world wide web, you can simply type in a few words, click a few buttons and be on your way to fixing your Xbox 360 rings of death in under an hour.

In fact, when you weigh the difference in time and money spent to fix your Xbox 360 rings of death, you will realize that the cost to get a repair guide will save you in shipping costs to Microsoft alone, not to mention the other fees associated. You will also spare yourself the grueling weeks of waiting. Nobody gets a 360 without wanting to have it ready to play at their disposal. So take advantage of it; beat the system, and fix the Xbox 360 rings of death yourself.

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Free Public Death Records Database

Public Death records are one of the pertinent public records, together with marriage, divorce and birth. They technically reveal pieces of information such as obituaries, death notices and certificates, burials, cemeteries and funeral details. They also provide details on personal particulars like name, age, address, spouse and relatives and the cause of death. These records are useful in conducting genealogical research and other legitimate purposes.

These free death records are normally maintained within the local government where death has taken place. Since these documents are considered public records, they are then made accessible for anyone who intends to retrieve such records. It has been allowed by law that people will have free access to the important records so long as the proper procedures are adhered.

People have various ways to retrieve the vital public records. It could be done by making a formal request through email, phone call or personally visiting the office concerned. You may also go to commercial information providers over the Internet. There are websites that offer services on the retrieval of public death records. These are very helpful in performing a quick and convenient death records search.

The online searching of public death records is mostly preferred by the people nowadays. Online records providers come in two versions; the free and the subscription-based versions. The free-of-charge method provides raw and incomplete details on the subject. On the other hand, the fee-based method supplies all-encompassing information of the records. The latter method is a better choice if you use the records for any legitimate purposes because it is professionally well-researched.

The cost of the online search is definitely worth the services provided to you in return. This is popularly used by the people today as an effective way of conducting records retrievable. All you got to have is a computer with Internet connection and you will be just clicks away from the pieces of information that you are gathering. The good thing about it is that you perform it privately anytime at the convenience of your own home.

This modern way of obtaining the relevant public death records is completely hassle-free. It does not require anyone to be computer savvy to do the job. The instructions provided are easy to be understood, thus, you need not worry because everything is designed to be simple and less complicated for the users. Indeed, technology has made things quick and straightforward these days.

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Drunk Driving and Wrongful Death

Responsible alcohol consumption is often regarded as enjoying drinks in the privacy of one’s own home, having a few drinks with dinner, or consuming alcohol only after assigning a designated driver or arranging a safe ride home. Individuals who do not consume alcohol responsibly and choose to operate a motor vehicle may put others at serious risk of injury and death. If an impaired driver causes the death of another individual, he or she may be held liable for wrongful death.

In recent years, there have been numerous attempts to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. Special interest groups have attempted to highlight the dangers of driving under the influence, and law enforcement officials have dedicated more efforts to enforcing DWI/DUI laws in their states. Efforts at the state and city level have increased punishment for drinking and driving offenses to make the consequences much more severe.

Although many awareness efforts may successfully educate and deter some individuals from operating a motor vehicle while driving, the issue still remains in much of the country. People may not be aware of their limits when consuming alcoholic beverages, or simply may not care about the consequences of their actions until it is too late. Others may not understand that even a few drinks may raise their blood alcohol levels over the legal limits. Regardless of the cause, drinking and driving is a serious problem in nearly every state.

If a drunk driver strikes a pedestrian, collides with another driver on the road, or crashes into a building, he or she may be held liable for injury or damage that results from the accident. If the accident causes the death of another person, the driver may be held liable for the wrongful death of the victim.

Wrongful death lawsuits often contend that the victim was killed due to the negligence on the part of the person being sued. The surviving spouse and dependents may argue that the defendant owes restitution and compensation for emotional distress, trauma, loss of financial support, and other penalties for his or her actions. Although each state may have different rules and regulations regarding the mode of prosecution for such lawsuits, most provide some sort of reasonable compensation for the surviving members of the victim’s family.

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